Medal Of Honor Warfighter Confirmed, Frostbite 2.0

[videoyoutube]2010’s Medal Of Honor reboot was a successful one – the game was a solid attempt at going up against Call of Duty, perhaps arguably more so than last year’s Battlefield 3, at least in single player.

Game Informer is reporting that this year will see another Medal Of Honor title, dubbed Warfighter.


Warfighter will run off Frostbite 2.0 (same as Battlefield) and will be developed again by Danger Close, although multiplayer experts DICE won’t be handling the online portion this time around.

The game will continue the story of the Tier 1 soldiers, with more details expected at next month’s GDC in San Francisco.



  1. Pleased about this. Medal of Honor was a really entertaining single player romp and I’m especially pleased that DICE aren’t involved because the MP portion was a load of toss I thought. Looking forward to more information.

    • Was it? That was probably because DICE did a half-arsed job… I’m also pleased, that might mean they have more time to make a new Mirror’s Edge! *fingers crossed*

      • It was definitely playable but wasn’t anywhere near being up to the standard of the SP mode. I found it pretty clear that they were developed by two different teams. After such an impressive job last time, I’m really looking forward to seeing what Danger Close can do with the whole package.

  2. Loved the first one back to good story telling shooter roots. On my preorder list me thinks.

  3. I’m excited to see how the story goes. The first was left on kinda a cliffhanger. I loved the first one. MP had its fault but balance was great and Hotzone was a great DLC add on.
    Glad DICE has left, the strong point was the story from Danger Close. Hopefully they can build on DICE’s work and make MP better.

  4. Best news of the week and that includes me getting a Vita.

    Speaking of which, a simultaneous Vira version would be awesome, nudge nudge EA.

  5. so that’ll be the 23483124th fps released this gen then? o_O

    didn’t Ghost Recon have the Warfighter tag a couple of years back?

  6. Will not be touching this with a barge pole. Especially with Frostbite 2 engine, its not all that good on BF3 IMO, so many problems.

  7. MoH was my favourite “Get Home from work after a bad day, Need to shoot something” game of last year. Looking forward to more mindless fun.

  8. Looking forward to this a lot. So happy that DICE are not handling the MP section of the new one, because the last games MP was just terrible. Will be excellent to see another game running on the Frostbite 2.0 engine.

  9. Good I really enjoyed the campaign on MOH.

  10. Good news. Loved the last one. Quite enjoyed the mp but i’ll be interested in seeing where Danger Close go with it this time.

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