PSN Maintenance On 1st March

Just a heads-up – the PlayStation Network (or, rather, SEN) will undergo maintenance on the 1st of March – next week – from 4pm until 7am on Friday.

The following services will be unavailable:

  • PlayStation Store (PC and Console)
  • Customer Account Management
  • Account Registration

Sony say that unlike in the past, users who are already signed into their account on PlayStation Network before the start of the maintenance will not be able to stay signed in to their online session and will be signed out at the start of the downtime period.

Users who attempt to log into their account after the maintenance begin will be presented with the site maintenance notification page.

Our review of Journey goes live at that exact point, so you can look forward to reading that.

Via PlayStation.



  1. once again, perfect timing for us Europeans.

  2. Must be something big and critical, judging by the fact nobody will be able to be signed in.

  3. The Hungarian Store launches of March 2nd so it may be related to that.


    I hope Romania gets a Store too next year…or for christmas

  4. You might want to add that it starts 7pm Thursday & ends 4am Friday (rather than just it ending on Friday), as i had a little mini-panic that the Friday night BF3 meet woulnd’t go ahead!!

    Until i checked the date & realised the 1st of March is Thursday & felt a bit of an idiot (had a ranty post written up & everything!). :S

  5. Can’t they just leave it :D Last time before they did the Maintenance everything was ok but after the Maintenance the PSN Store was broken :-/ i.e i couldn’t access my Games list on the PSN Store(it has been fixed now) JUST LEAVE IT SONY! ! ! LoL;) (but then again they must have good reason to do it i suppose)

  6. Sooo, is this only going to be like the last two maintenances where they said we weren’t going to be able to sign in once the maintenance was under way, yet both times I was able to sign in after the maintenance schedule time?

    • Sorry, I’m a bit tired after work and should have read that for the third time before posting…

      is this going to be*

      sign in during the maintenance*

  7. i wonder what they’ll break this time.

  8. Journey……can hardly wait ;-)

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