IndieRoyale’s First Alpha Collection Goes Live

Indie Royale have launched yet another excellent bundle, this time featuring alpha-funded games. The featured games this time around are Towns, 3079 and Wyv and Keep, and being alphas, the games will be updated heavily over the coming months. Head over to Indie Royale to buy or read on for more information.

If you are unaware, indie bundles are, uh, bundles of indie games given on a pay-what-you-want basis, usually with a minimum price threshold that changes based on how much people are spending on the bundle. Indie Royale is one of the more well known ones, along with the Humble Bundle and the Indie Bundle.

[drop]Towns is a city building game mixed with an RPG, whereas instead of controlling the heroes delving into the dungeon, you build the town that is situated above providing resources and a home base for heroes. I’m a big fan of Towns and have previously covered it in CPCG should you be interested in reading more about it. A large and long-awaited update for Towns is rapidly approaching that will include a great many features, including the often requested heroes. Towns is available for Windows, OSx and Linux.

3079 combines the open, blocky world of Minecraft with Fallout, creating an RPG with a randomly generated world and procedurally created quests, loot and characters. 3079 is a challenging but thoroughly rewarding game that might be difficult to get into but, once you’re in, is great fun. 3079 is available on Windows, OSx and Linux.

Personally, I haven’t played Wyv and Keep, but it certainly looks promising. Subtitled the Temple of the Lost Idol, it is a platforming puzzler featuring two characters (3 guesses what their names are) that can be played cooperatively or with a friend. The game will have players using boxes and even their own bodies as they make their way through the pretty, pixellated levels, activating switches and dodging traps as they go. Wyv and Keep is only currently available for Windows, but will be released on OSx and Linux within the next 6 months.

The games are alpha-funded, which means that buying them will fund their development and future features. Three games and supporting indie developers? Seems like a steal if you ask me. You’ve only got until the 29th February to get it though, so you’d better hurry up and go buy it from here.



  1. Sounds good, does it come with a Steam code like the humble bundle?

    • no steam codes, i think two activate on desura but im not sure about that, you mostly download them as zip files.

    • They can all be activated on Desura, the games aren’t out on Steam.

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