WipEout 2048 Login Issue Being Investigated

It seems a small number of people, including our friend Wotta, are experiencing a login error when booting up WipEout 2048. Studio Liverpool’s Technical Director, Dr Stuart Lovegrove, has said that if you are affected, tweet the @wipeout2048 Twitter account with the information, along with your PSN ID.

Source: Twitter, thanks Wotta



  1. What kind of error is this? It keeps signing me out of PSN.

    • Well eariler today it wouldn’t allow me to use the store for few mins?

    • That’s a system power management design choice, if I interpret that correctly.

      Basically, whenever the Vita goes to sleep it disconnects from PSN and idles WiFi (well it does for me!). Then when it wakes up, it doesn’t automatically reconnect, because a) that’s not a background process, and b) it might not be necessary to do so. So it then waits for the next time a game or app makes an API call to connect to PSN.

      It’s a bit… clunky at the moment. Hopefully they’ll iterate the firmware further so that there’s options about connection times and timeouts, and also background the PSN connection process, so that it doesn’t take over your whole screen.

      • Oh wow, that’s lame. Thanks for the explanation.

  2. I’m playing it right now? O.o

  3. Haven’t gotten around to getting Wipeout yet.
    Have to top up the sim card first.

    • good luck with that. took me ages to topup and i have still not received my wipeout code.

      • Ring them. They’ve said you get it within 24hrs as an operator message. I got mine in like 3hrs after topping up.

    • Whenever I did it if I used wifi it failed, if you turn the wifi off and use 3G it seems to work first time or it did for me.

      • I did it through wifi, the first time I tried (early afternoon launch day) it didn’t work so I waited till a quieter time, about 11pm and it worked fine.

      • code finally came through, now its all running perfectly im glad i went for the 3g version it really cool having constant connection for beating wipeout laptimes and challenges, psn messages and trophy updates while out and in the car. i didn’t realise how nessesary 3g was going to be.

  4. I think that the PSV is a Christmas purchase for now for me. Hopefully some great new games get announced for it at E3 and emerge by then along with some competitive pricing around that time of year for the console and other stuff.

    Relevant bit: When that time comes I hope that the previously mentioned ‘clunky’ nature of the handheld has been improved and the system works a lot more smoothly along with launch games having hopefully gained their patches to improve the experience such as this little problem and teflon’s comment on the background capabilities of the PSN on the PSV.

  5. Getting this error, C-12828-1, can’t play it online. Ridiculous.

  6. Same, grrr
    I just want to see what the ps3 tracks are like on the cita just so I have a direst comparison to wipeout HD. Why is there no racebox?

    • Make that Vita, not cita… whatever that my be.
      Freudian Slips/Typos… grrr

    • Spring and we’ll know…..

      Can’t wait to get the HD & Fury DLC!

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