Community Round-Up: 25/02/12

Happy Vita Week, folks. Neither Bendict Toeshoe Beardface nor Gazzagb were available to do the round up this week so Adam has asked me, the head of TSA’s crazy department, to tell you what has happened here at TSA towers this week.

Time to see what competitions chocolate eater and Benedict have created this week. You can win F1 2011 for the Vita, as they couldn’t get a real F1 car. You have four more days to enter; all you need to do is guess the total number of laps all the teams drive in next week’s testing. The winner will be announced sometime after the test has been completed.

Tef has also made a very awesome comp in MotorStorm: RC[I had plenty of help, really – Tef] It’s so awesome that it broke the TSA awesome metre. You can win £5 PSN voucher, some future DLC for MS:RC and a totally original, exclusive, one off PSN avatar! Just sign up, and try to set a winning time before it closes on Monday. None of you had better beat my time or I’ll hit you with a frying pan!

Then along comes a competition to win a Xperia Play. Here you’ve got to spot the Xperia from a grid of closeups, which I’m sure you will all manage in about 2 seconds. You’ve got all the way until next Friday to enter, so there’s no excuse not to!

There’s only three of the regular meets this week. Freezebug has his Driver: San Francisco meet this afternoon at 2PM. Next up, Rimjaw has organised a meet up in a pile of Dirt 3 at 6pm on Sunday. Finally, Captain Kirk is taking time off from commanding the Enterprise and wants to play some F1 2011 on Wednesday at 8pm. Beware, he may cheat by using a phaser.

[Uncharted Meets will be moving to Saturdays next week, since we’ve always got so much maintenance on Thursdays – Tef]

That’s all of the meets for this week, unless one of you sneaky people have created one after I’ve already written this. You can make your own if you’ve got 250 TSA points or more.

The staff have been very busy this week, as there has been a lot of reviews. No sane person is capable of reporting every review,  in fact I heard that Gazzagb rolled up into a ball when he heard how many were due this week. Luckily, I’m not sane, so here goes.

The boss, Peter, reviewed Top Darts as he relaxed down at the pub. Whilst he was there he also decided to review Hustle Kings, before heading off to space for Super Stardust Delta. When he finally came back, he looked at Dungeon Hunter Alliance, though did it from Tuffcub’s dungeon for some reason.

The mysterious Scotsman known as Al reviewed MotorStorm: RC, saying that he wants to bed and then marry said game. We then sent him to Wimbledon for no reason, before letting him review Virtua Tennis 4. Luckily he could drive back, as he reviewed the slightly disappointing Ridge Racer.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus which wasn’t reviewed by a ninja, but instead by a Dan Lee, who had just got back from driving around and reviewing Asphalt Injection.

Aran Suddi punched in a review of UFC Undisputed 3, saying that it’s the best MMA game that is currently available. Jim Hargreaves, who I think is formerly known as teabags, reviewed Kingdoms Of Amalur. Then TSA’s only Dinosaur, the Blairosaur, reviewed Asura’s Wrath. It wasn’t that angry… He’s also celebrating getting smashed day today or as he calls it, Blairmas. So, happy birthday, Blair!

That’s all the reviews done, but on top of that, there were the weekly articles too. What We Played hit #41, Tuffcub had a look back at the Sega Mega Drive Ultimate Collection in Playback, and the WeView results came in for Dead Island. This week’s new WeView is for F1 2011, so don’t forget to get your opinions in.

Time to venture into hell, also known as the forums. I see that someone has replaced the General Chat gate with a bit of paper that has a picture of a gate. Get back in there Kitch!

Oh, I’ve just been reminded to remind you all that GC is full of crazy and disturbed people, so obviously it’s not very safe for work. In fact it’s so crazy you need to be logged in to see it.

It’s time for the weekly brawl, and since Shank ended up killing Ezio last week, 6 votes to 2. So this week he shall go head to head with the communist hating robot, Liberty Prime.



  • Ex-mob hitman (Read: Assassin).
  • Very acrobatic.
  • Dual knives, a chainsaw, and a pair of pistols… That’s just his starting load out!


  • Totally vicious anti-hero. He’s really just a bad guy, were it not for that whole avenging murdered girlfriend thing.
  • Absolutely zero stealth or guile.
  • Everything is so extremely sepia. Except the blood, his bandana and red shirt.

Liberty Prime


  • Can destroy just about anything by shooting lasers out of his eyes.
  • A near endless supply of mini nukes that he throws.
  • Is massive and can step on anything as a last resort.


  • Is slow and not very agile.
  • Not very friendly on the account of him being a robot.
  • Requires a lot of power just to be able to move.

That’s the round up for this week folks, I’m off to hide from Tef, as the entire round up has been tattooed onto the back of his head. You shall return to your regular host next week.

A totally unedited version of this abominable creation by Steven can be found here in the TSA Forums… 



  1. Nice round up Steven, will be giving the MRC comp another go, was told the last time I was on it that I humiliated your time Steven…and Im still 6 seconds off the pace.
    Going to have to go for Liberty Prime, came in very useful in Fallout 3. But it got completely destroyed in death from above. But that’s DLC so that doesn’t count. So LP gets my vote!

  2. Scotsman?

    • Moose loose aboot this hoose?…get back to your room Steven! :P

  3. Nice. Erm I think liberty prime would surely win this dispute!

  4. Steven, have you actually considered therapy? ;)

  5. Its a shame they’ve done that with Ridge Racer if they had over 10 courses then it would’ve easily been better and addictive but I think the price should’ve been lower I was hoping they’d get a lot of DLC at launch but no they’ve dumped the store with annoying free music.

    Eh.. no story like Ezio or Sera since those characters are boring as feck

  6. Good round up, although it has been heavily edited by Benedict, nice job Steven ;)

  7. Liberty Primes would win killing Mr shank with his laser beams

  8. nice round-up =)
    shank will win this one with his chainsaw! =D

  9. Fingers crossed more people turn up for the F1 this week than last week. :P Me, Kirk, Tom and Lee against randomers wasn’t the best! XD

  10. Liberty Prime would kill Shank before he can even get close to him. I think i may have made it an unfair fight. But Tef didn’t say that it had to be a fair fight. ;)

    Also, Beardface cut out my peter running away joke. :(

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