New Pokémon Games Announced

It has just been announced that two new Pokémon games are in the works; Pokémon Black 2 and Pokémon White 2. Details are scarce, but the games will launch in Japan this summer.

What’s rather surprising is the fact that these will be Nintendo DS games, rather than 3DS. Yes, the DS has a huge install base, but I know a large number of 3DS owners have been crying out for a new Pokémon game to take advantage of the hardware.




  1. Hmmmm Nintendo really seem to have a stall in their idea robot…. Wii U and now this?

  2. Very strange its not Pokémon Grey, they never usually go with ‘2’

    • Stranger still that it’s two games, rather than one.

      • Not strange at all, they’ve always releases Pokemon games in pairs.

      • released*

      • Two isn’t strange. It’s normal.

      • Actually it is strange, with each generation they’ve released two games to begin with, then a lone one some year after.
        Example Red & Blue, then Yellow. Gold & Silver, then Crystal. Ruby & Sapphire, then Emerald.

        You weren’t familiar with this?

      • Exactly.
        They come in threes, not twos or fours.

      • Yeah I had assumed they would do B&W on DS and then do a Pokemon 3D and the third part.

  3. Why is Pokemon Grey two games?!
    They don’t appear to have new Pokemon, but the images show new versions of the legendaries from Black/White, which is similar to what happened with Pokemon Platinum, where it had different versions of legendaries from Diamond and Pearl.

    At least, that’s what I thought it meant.

    Nintendo, milking a franchise yet again!

  4. I – uh, oh. I’ll trade my 3DS for a Vita then.

  5. Did somebody say “missed opportunity”?

    A new Pokemon game for the 3DS would have been a great system seller… Nintendo, you continue to unimpress.

  6. Someone needs to perform inception on these fools.

  7. …..right.

  8. Someone is running out of ideas… I was willing to give pokemon another chance but its the same recycled crap all the time. The 3ds was the perfect oppurtunity to breath some fresh air into the series not to mention pokemon is a system seller.

  9. they should do something with that character they used to have way back! Mario something

  10. Bit silly not to release on 3DS. I am going to admit here that I have never owned a pokemon game, or played one as well.

    • @ Origami. You should play at least one mate, at least then you’ll know what they are. All iterations are totally the same game.

      • one day I will. Still got a gameboy color lying around somewhere, and there has to be a handful of pokemon games for that :P

    • Pokemon Blue FTW!

      Great now I’m going to reminisce about my amazing childhood and get emotional.

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