New Pokémon Games Announced

It has just been announced that two new Pokémon games are in the works; Pokémon Black 2 and Pokémon White 2. Details are scarce, but the games will launch in Japan this summer.

What’s rather surprising is the fact that these will be Nintendo DS games, rather than 3DS. Yes, the DS has a huge install base, but I know a large number of 3DS owners have been crying out for a new Pokémon game to take advantage of the hardware.




  1. I wonder how many people that love Pokèmon have given up on the franchise. I know I have, there’s just no sign of ambition or innovation coming from the series right now. I love Pokèmon, but Black honestly bored me.

  2. I understand 3DS users frustration but straddling a generation across platforms (no less a direct sequel) would be a very bad idea for an installed fanbase on DS.

    Also it’s ironic that by giving us direct sequels to Black and white, this is arguably the most innovative they’ve been with the Pokemon series.

  3. I don’t know why people think it’s a bad thing that it isn’t on the 3DS and is just on the DS.
    1) It means more consumers will be available to purchase a game that is going to be very popular
    2) When the 3DS inevitably begins to die in sales and popularity they can release a debut Pokemon title on it to reboot sales
    3) Don’t fix what aint broke… It worked on the DS last time, it will work this time

    • I know it may not seem bad.. but the 3DS is much more powerful than the DS and its newish. Maybe in Japan its fine? but here in the UK it could be different.

  4. It sort of makes sense since B/W was the first one they ever made that was really driven by the story and it probally alot cheaper than to design another 100+ pokemon and do a new genration. i dont think they will get away with the same area though unless they let people travel between them all

  5. Well… its odd and even odd that its numbered Pokemons always be named after a colour or something.

  6. Sort of disappointed that one of my favourite childhood franchises is being exploited and milked to the point where they’re releasing essentially the same game over and over, jut adding more Pokemon that dont even compare to the originals.

  7. Bit confused by this tbh, especially with th 3ds doing so well recently…

  8. Cracking games these….

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