PS Vita Gets Free South Park Episode

South Park has been going fifteen years, and to celebrate the show’s sixteenth series, PlayStation are offering the first episode of the latest run completely free to download.

It’s on the ever catchy VideoStore of PlayStation Store, and is currently there without asking you to spend any monies at all.  Naturally, the rest of the series is there too, but there’s cash involved.

It’s only up there on the UK, Australian and New Zealand stores, mind.

Via PlayStation, where discussion quickly moved onto how to pirate the show.


  1. Thats my Lunch break sorted then. Thanks.

  2. nice one will get that now.

  3. Meh we have yet to even get the video store here in Sweden.

  4. Downloading this as I type. Although wouldn’t PSN gets free episode, be more accurate than just Vita?

    • No, the PSN Store can tell which device you are accessing the store from so it’d charge you from the PS3.

      • Well I downloaded it on my PS3, through the Video store and it works just fine.

      • the SD version is still free on ps3, you only have to pay for HD.

  5. I’ve just never got into South Park – I think I must be getting old.

    • I suggest you watch the human cent-i-pad one online. See if that gets you going. Very funny episode

      • Or gaffers could watch the ‘You’re Getting Old’ episode :-D

  6. South Park just gets better and better every season where as The Simpsons gets worse every year lol.

    • They’ve only got Season 1 on there, but with me being an long-time Simpsons fan they should be stopping it now not continuing to Season 25. Sony need to get more seasons up on the store.

    • I also love South Park, I am usually immature though…

  7. So you can download the season premiere of the 16th season on your Vita although the actual episode won’t air for another two weeks or are they talking about the first episode of the 15th season?

  8. Its the 1st episode of the 12th season actually, just downloaded it.

    • Thanks for clearing that up. I wish they would make a new episode about the Vita like the one about the PSP back in the days. I want a golden Keanu Reeves statue…

      • the best gaming ep they did was the Warcraft one, Make love not Warcraft.
        that was a classic ep, i think it actually won an emmy or something.

        “how do you kill that which has no life?” ^_^

      • Why does that quote make me think of H.P. Lovecraft?

      • Yep, it won a Primetime Emmy award iirc.

  9. Haven’t watched this for quite a while, this might get me back into it.

  10. Coolio.

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