LIMBO Going Mobile?

A job listing from Playdead is suggesting that LIMBO may be heading to mobile platforms.

The company is looking for a programmer to port their games on to new platforms, with “iOS, Win8, Android, NACL and other platforms” being investigated. Of course, apart from a new IP being worked on, LIMBO is currently their only game.


Perhaps a smaller screen will make that spider sequence less terrifying. If you’ve played LIMBO, you’ll know what I mean.

Source: IndieGameMag



  1. I’m glad more people will get to play this game, but touch controls? No thank you.

  2. So glad this game got the recognition it deserved. Simple yet brilliant and beautiful at the same time :)

  3. Awesome game – but it was hard enough let alone with touch screen! Would happily play it on my Vita though!
    Playing it through in 1 sitting dying less than 5 times is one of my proudest trophies – only died once too! :)

  4. A game that’s primary selling point is it’s atmosphere on a device with a tiny screen and often negating sound? Don’t think it’s the best fit personally.

  5. I didn’t find that spider that scary tbh. But Limbo on a smaller screen, hmm not sure what to make of it. I can see it being either better or worse. Also, i hope it won’t have touch screen controls as there is no real reason for it. :)

  6. They sshould bring this too the ps vita, it would be a nice touch like escape plan

  7. Limbo is such a great game. Can’t wait to see PlayDead’s new title

  8. I think Limbo would work on iPad but not sure about a small phone screen, looking forward to seeing it on the App Store soon.

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