New SNES Game Coming Next Year

It feels a bit weird saying this, but a developer called Super Fighter Team will be releasing a brand new SNES game next year. Called ‘Nightmare Busters’, this “run and gun” title is apparently the first SNES game to be released in the US since 1998.

It’s not cheap though. Including postage you’re looking at $68 for the US, and $75 for the rest of the world. For that you get:


One (1) copy of Nightmare Busters for the Super Nintendo; a game cartridge with full color label, which supports both PAL and NTSC based systems.
One (1) full color instruction manual.
One (1) full color cardstock box to house the game cartridge and instruction manual.

The run is limited, with 600 being made, so if you fancy it head to the site now and see if you’re in luck. Paying upfront might seem a bit risky, though.

Source: Super Fighter Team Via Nintendo Life



  1. I’m a bit disappointed it’s not Angry Birds.

  2. This is the coolest thing ever, bit expensive though :p

  3. Reckon they’ll make a profit out of this?

  4. Hah, awesome. Might get it and get the SNES out of my cupboard lol

  5. if they are selling each unit for almost $70 i bet they must be making a profit the manufacturing price cant be that high per unit

    • I’m sure they are not doing this as a charity for SNES fans but with only 600 copies and unknown amount of time spent on the game code it wouldn’t surprise me if this is a close call in the end.

  6. It’s cool that they do stuff like this. I think last year someone released a new Dreamcast game. The SNES is my all time favourite console but this is too expensive for my taste.

  7. That’s incredible. Thinking about it, there would, imo, be a good market for SNES games, if modern phone games were released for that console. I know I would certainly buy me a copy of Plants v Zombies if it were released at a reasonable price for instance.

  8. I just ordered my copy by Paypal!
    It works out to just under £50
    I’m a SNES retro gamer, so thanks TSA for the link :)

  9. This is cool. Wasn’t there also a Megadrive game last year?

    Shame it’s so expensive and I don’t have a SNES anymore but I love that people are doing this.

  10. I will wait for the HD remake…

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