Rumour: New Xbox Is Codenamed “Durango”, Microsoft Held Secret London Meeting

I’m picturing a dusty Mexican desert. A big fat American car. Bob Dylan. Apparently I’m also supposed to now be thinking about the next Xbox, which is rumoured to be called Durango.



The name shouldn’t be news to you – rumours of Durango have floated around for a little while now, but Crytek’s Sean Tracy might have just confirmed it today, even though his attempt to cover it up didn’t really work.

The Tweet’s gone, but not before it was screen-grabbed. “Enjoying the Durango developers summit in London,” said Tracy, who was presumably NDA’d to the hilt.

“So far, great swag and interesting talks,” he added.


Crytek is said to be developing Ryse for the next Xbox’s launch, presumably using Kinect 2.



  1. If it ends up being called the 720, I’m going to disregard it as in existance.

    • Why?

      • I’m guessing its because everyone has been naming it the 720, even though it makes sense to call it that.

  2. mabay they will call the next playstaion Steve in response

  3. I’m hoping Sony call the next Playstation, ‘Spandau Ballango’.

  4. Can’t see it actually being called Durango at release – presumably its just the code name for the console?

    • Of course if I’d read the article title, I’d have spotted “codenamed” in there… observation failure :(

  5. I thought it was codenamed terry or john or racist bastard or something?

  6. The internet is currently being flooded with these next generation rumors (PS4, X720, WiiU and the new unreal engine which is meant to be used for the next generation)
    so i think we are getting close to seeing something huge and this is just another step towards that.

  7. I was there,i was that sheep.

  8. Sounding more and more like we’ll have an official announcement at E3 – maybe even sooner if it leaks.

  9. PS4 codename…is umbongo…where they drink it in the Congo….

    • +1. Just laughed at this half way through a meeting and got the evils from my boss.

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