First Kingdoms of Amalur DLC Inbound

The Legend of Dead Kel has been announced as the first premium content pack for EA’s recent RPG, Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. The downloadable quest-line will launch on March 20th across Origin, Steam, Xbox Live and PSN, unlocking a new area that has a landmass equivalent to 15% of the game’s stock territory.


We assume Dead Kel will be playable both during and after the events of the main storyline, similar to the House of Valor content available to day-one buyers. The DLC promises more items, monsters, and dungeons, though there won’t be an increase in level cap.

We reviewed Kingdoms of Amalur earlier this month, praising the game for its action/MMO hybrid structure, though faulting the ill-presented narrative and slightly repetitive combat.

Source: Press Release



  1. Sweet. Will be getting this after I’ve finished the game.

    • Forever alone…

    • Haha. I’ll be getting this after I’m done with Mass Effect 3, but its not like I’ll be able to join up and quest with you anyway :P

      • Sadly no. Local or online coop would be just too much awesomeness for one game. :D

      • Indeed it would. I’m slightly suprised their aren’t a few co-op instances to run in it really, since it started as an MMO and all.

      • The project was split off from the MMO. The MMO (Copernicus) is still in development but I agree. With that in mind it’s weird that they decided to leave out a coop option.

  2. Too late, platinumed and traded it in already, might be worth picking up a GOTY version in a year or so if they are planning a fair bit of DLC for it :)

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