GAME Not Stocking Mass Effect 3, Other EA Titles, Mario Party 9

Eurogamer has just run with an article claiming that GAME will not be stocking any EA titles after SSX, which includes Mass Effect 3. Apparently this has been confirmed by a number of GAME stores.

There are conflicting reports as to what will happen to existing pre-orders, as Eurogamer are saying that they won’t be met (and will be refunded with store credit rather than cash) whilst a GAME employee has told StickTwiddlers that existing pre-orders will be sent out.


If true this is terrible news for GAME. We will reach out for an official comment, but as of yet both EA and GAME have said nothing.

Source: Eurogamer / StickTwiddlers

Update: Eurogamer has updated its report, saying that at the moment it’s EA’s March titles that will not be stocked. This includes GameStation, not just GAME.

EA has commented, saying:

“The Mass Effect 3 N7 Collector’s Edition will now be available at the following retailers:,, and”

For customers who have pre-ordered the N7 Collector’s Edition please re-order your copies through these retailers.  If you have placed a deposit for a pre-order or are uncertain that your existing pre-order will be guaranteed, please contact your local retailer.

Your local retailer is doing everything possible to make this process as smooth as possible to ensure you get your copy on launch day.”

Update 2: Eurogamer is also reporting that the retailer will not be stocking Nintendo’s flagship Mario Party 9 title.

Update 3: Clarity on the refund issue. It’s your cash back and £5 credit by way of an apology. From what we can gather from the leaked GAME memo, it sounds like EA weren’t happy giving credit to the retailer, so GAME had to pull out of the releases. They are limited to March though, with hopefully EA games being sold after next month.



  1. Woah that’s pretty worrying, especially with a release like Mass Effect 3 on the way. Luckily, I got mine with Tesco for £30.

  2. Well I don’t buy Games from GAME and really do feel bad for the staff as they could lose their jobs….

  3. I’m gonna check in with my local store in a hour or so…

  4. It’s all over.

    • It is going that way.

      Worse is if they only give Customer Credit – its not the customers’ fault that GAME can’t fulfil their orders. If thats true its digusting!

      • Yeh that surely isn’t legal but maybe I’m wrong. I’d personally demand my cash back.

        Nofi, where has your avatar gone?

      • I thought that too, but perhaps GAME have some small print.

      • The early communication was misleading

        They’ll give full refund by your original payment method & a £5 store credit by way of apology

      • Yeah, I wrote that before the updates. :)

    • Final nail in the coffin…. one of the things that was looking to keep Game afloat was the exclusivity on Collector’s Editions….

  5. No one has mentioned GameStation in all of this, bearing in mind they are owned by the same company. Going to go and check tomorrow, as that’s where my copy is pre-ordered.

    • My Local Gamestation went BUST
      Only have GAME and G-Force

      • There’s a few in Edinburgh that have gone down too :/

    • It’s the GAME Group, so it includes GameStation.

  6. “will be refunded with store credit rather than cash”
    So Game are so broke, they can’t even refund pre-orders. RIP.

  7. I think this is truely the begining of the end for the Game group. I think EA has had enough of Game focusing on preowned too much and not giving them a cut of their profits made on their games.

    I fear that this year will see the death of the gaming specialist and the rise of the supermarkets dominating Gaming retail. I doubt HMV would last very long after Game collapses as they would have to fight against the supermarkets by themselves whilst trying to make a profit.

    I wonder if EA will give them a second chance on the condition that they recieve 10-15% of the profits made on all copies of their games regardless of it being preowned? If not, then they are doomed.

    I wonder if we will see Acti pull their games from Game? As that would probably be the last nail in their coffin.

    • It’s the credit issues that have caused this, pre-owned has little to do with it. They may be trying to leverage those credit issues for pre-owned, but I’d be surprised if EA want GAME gone, it’s bad for business.

      • True but they have focused too much on preowned which has annoyed certain publishers so i wouldn’t be surprised if EA has had enough and said that they won’t allow them to sell their games anymore.

  8. If the thing about receiving store credit for unfulfilled orders is true, then wow! No-one is going to pre-order anything from them and risk the chance of getting nothing back.

    • Yeah. Even if GAME keep going, their pre-order business is finished.

      Not fulfilling pre-order = not going back anytime soon.

      Not refunding pre-order = never going back.

  9. GAME Gp took £1.6 billion in revenue last year, with over 1,200 outlets over 600 of these in the UK… This presence on shelves is of enormous benefit to those who want to sell boxed games they just can’t get that elsewhere.

    Since GAME have been running their stock levels down unable to replenish it and haven’t really got any back catalogue their advantage over the supermarkets who just sell whatever the flavour of the month is in their made-up top 20’s has vanished and with it all hope.

    The publishers will love the lack of back-cat where the price tumbles, it means they’ll always have their £40 games on display.

    the shopping experience in GAME varies from poor-to-ok, but to a mother or grandparent who needs to ask a question before buying it’s a million times better than a shelf-stacker at Tescos.

    I think it’s unlikely that the £1.6bn that GAME Gp took will stay within gaming, for example if you’re wondering around town with £40 in your back pocket on a Saturday afternoon, with no gaming presence on the High St it’s just as likely you’ll spend it on a pair of jeans… Sure the big releases like CoD, FIFA etc will do fine, but with no shelf space there is zero chance of an impulse purchase of something like Dark Souls

    And it is here that gaming could change for the worst, so regardless of whether you shop at GAME or not, or whether hate them and love ShopTo or whoever the closure of GAME will affect you.

    • While I do agree that a complete lack of game shop presence in the high street could be a bad thing, GAME have brought this on themselves. The only reason they lasted this long is the ‘PC World’ effect – No matter how crap they are, they have the worlds least ambiguous name and are a chain so people with no idea will think they are the brand to trust.

      • Shopping experience is last century in all gaming retailers.

        Shelves of games isn’t the way to go, does Carphone Warehouse have 10 different versions of the same phone on display, 1 for each network or does it save space just show 1 off and then list variants

        There needs to be far more interactivity with the products, sure they’ve had a 360 in since it launched and Sony finally saw the error of their ways with the PS3 and have decided to give the Vita a go in each store, but there needs to be loads of them and not shoved in some corner.

        There needs to be better staff who receive more training all this is expensive & could lead to upwards pressure on prices, but do pay if the experience is quality, it’s about value not just prices and if you can provide worldclass service & and unrivalled experience getting £42.99 for a game instead of £35 online isn’t a problem

        I’d make an awesome gaming outlet, in larger stores I’d have a juice bar and arcade machines & if there was an upstairs I’d host LAN parties whilst ensuring that all the casual customers, parents & grandparents are amazingly well looked after in the retail area with staff that not only know their shit but aren’t bedroom geek gamers who can’t talk to real human.

        Now who’s going to loan me some money

      • Well I just got a raise today and now recieve about £75 more than I did (before TAX) so you can have that you lucky thing!!!

      • The thing is they don’t need all these boxes, just a couple of stands where people can choose a game from a list and see videos about it, like they can online, and then pick up a little card like they do now for PSN cards and purchases, take card to till, pay money take game….. they have stores that are essentially there to take up space that must cost game hundreds of thousands of pounds a month in rent.

    • To me this seems like a golden opportunity for someone new to come into the market and take GAME’s place. They could take a whole new approach, have back catalogue titles. Not depend so heavily on pre-owned and the most important thing, they won’t pester customers all the time asking them to buy more and more stuff at the till.

    • Aren’t there other retailers in the UK that sell games in their stores besides supermarkets and dedicated game shops? Here in Germany we have large electronic goods retailers that probably are the go to spot for anyone looking to buy a game. Dedicated game retailers are the minority and in some cases you have a privately run second hand game shop.
      I’m sure there will be a place for people to shop for games. GAME going down surely won’t be as fatal to the retail gaming industry as you are making it sound, right?

      • There are non-specialists (like supermarkets, PC World etc) who again will only stock their chosen top 10/20s

        But there is nothing on the High St, supermarkets and large outlets like PC World are (generally) destinations, it’s not like you can walk around town with money to burn and visit a shop selling games outside of a smattering of independents as most of them shut down soon after the supermarkets joined the industry

      • I guess the UK market is more similar to the US market than it is to the German market in this case. In the USA they have tons of dedicated game shops in every mall while here in Germany I only know of one that is a 40 minutes drive away in in the next big city.

  10. I have no time for GAME. My local one and the next nearest have always been overpriced, very poorly informed and unhelpful. I won’t shed a tear if they close down.
    Hopefully GameStation can weather the storm as they are a totally different prospect and were always very well run and staffed by people who genuinely seemed to be into gaming.

    • If GAME go under GameStation will go with them. It’s the parent company that’s in trouble from the look of things. Also there are very good reasons to care about them going under, it will likely have a profound effect on developers and publishers.

      • Yeah, I fear that is the case. That is the real shame.

        GAME are badly run, that is why they are failing. Such is retail evolution. I don’t think the effect on game development will be as big as you are trying to to make out though. In the ones I’ve been in they are only ever pushing the big games (and pre-owned) which the supermarkets will still do. I doubt they make much impact on the sale of more niche games anyway.

      • They are badly run I will agree, but as CC said earlier, this is going to really affect (possibly cripple) the gaming market.

        Literally nothing good will come of GAME disappearing.

        Oh and I’ve said it before but might aswell say it again, if GAME go, supermarkets prices will rise as they don’t have someone to undercut. Therefore places like shopto, play etc will also probably raise their prices as they people they do undercut (the supermarkets, the high street) have raised theirs.

        In other words, it will probably be a whole lot harder and more expensive to buy games.

        In my eyes, that is bad!

      • If the devs/publishers are affected that much then why are publishers not giving GAME enough credit to actually sell their games?

      • I suppose either way they are screwed. Don’t do anything, affected as Kris said.

        Give credit. Don’t get paid, lose money. Therego affected.

        That’s my guess anyway.

      • My guess is that publishers /are/ giving credit, just terms are being re-negotiated right now and EA didn’t want to supply/GAME didn’t want to buy without that new agreement in place. If this is only March (as seems suggested right now) then that would seem to hold that out.

      • That would make sense. I guess it’s a crappy situation with ME3 and Mario Party 9 coming up during that timeframe.

      • I disagree that online prices will rise. The online market sprung up before supermarkets started undercutting people like GAME and in my experience supermarkets aren’t actually cheap at all except for the major launches like COD and FIFA when they do launch week deals.
        In my local Extra their prices are worse than GAME.
        Online stores still have to compete with each other and already don’t compete with bricks and mortar stores so I can’t see it really being that catastrophic.

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