Reports: Vita UK Sales “About A Quarter” Of PSP’s Launch Figures, Around 45k

Despite a fantastic launch line-up, it’s being reported that the PS Vita’s launch figures are only roughly a quarter of what the original PSP did at its launch a few years back.

As reported, among others, Sony’s 1.2 million figure pushed out yesterday means that for the rest of the world the sales are approximately 600,000 – the Japanese figure is roughly the same since launch.


“Week one Chart-Track figures reveal that Sony’s new handheld device sold around one quarter of the number of the 185,000 PSP units shifted in the UK during its first week on sale back in September 2005,” says the site.

Whilst PocketGamer doesn’t name them, it says that “industry sources” have confirmed that “the figure is just over half of the 89,000 sold by the Nintendo 3DS in its first week.” places the sales figure for the UK at around 45,000.

TheSixthAxis has not seen the Chart Track figures and cannot vouch for the figures above.



  1. Dont care. Got one. Its fab.

    • Agree.

      Game prices still need to come down though.

      • Wait what? I still see prices for 3DS as high as $40 CAD ie: spirit camera is $44 at EB. Many games are at $39. Same prices as the Vita.

    • You should care. If sales stay low, nobody will develop for it, it’ll become obsolete and your money will have been wasted.

      • The announced games alone tell me it hasn’t been wasted.

  2. 45,000? All those people I seem to follow on Twitter.

    • Ha, my thoughts exactly!

    • That’s the thing about social bubbles, very easy to think everyone’s doing something when in actual fact it’s just within a largely self-contained bubble.

  3. Sadly might make sense. I have oodles of friends who don’t know what the effing thing is, let alone that it’s out.

    Sony, your marketing is disgraceful (and potentially suffers from narcolepsy).

    • Don’t know about that, for the last few nights there’s been plenty of coverage with Uncharted and FIFA being on almost every ad break that I was watching.

    • Loads of ads for Vita and separately for Uncharted & FIFA.

      Through the promotion, marketing & of course game genres and even pricing; Sony have chosen to only target male 20-30 year olds who already own a PS3, in terms of the country it’s a slim subset of people to target… That’s why everyone on here thinks it’s better than sliced bread and away from here you’d struggle to find anyone who’s heard of it

      • Yep. Gutting really. The price is relatively high for a handheld console but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be pushing this like MS pushed the Xbox. All the supermarkets should have the usual marketing paraphernalia around. I had to go looking for the Vita in a mahoosive Asda and it was a single box and that was it. Meh.

  4. Not totally surprised given the amount unemployment; cheap PS3 prices (including some amazing Games for silly prices); expensive Vita memory cards. Doesn’t reflect the console thought – I’m way happier with my Vita than I was with my PSP at that time. If Sony support it well then it will do just fine.

    • I agree completely. You also have to think about children’s gaming as well. If your child wanted a portable for christmas/birthday, would you get them a DS or a Vita? Probably neither if they had an iDevice.
      I personally would love to get a Vita, but I don’t think the whole world wants one. I know that’d never happen, but Sony need to put that thought in their head to sell it well.

  5. Surely Sony expect sales figures to be much lower than the PSP launch, the market this time around is much smaller. Consider the portable gaming options now compared to back then. Hopefully Sony expected this and have planned for a smaller installed base. I still really want one but know I can’t afford it just now so am playing a rebought PSP to tide me over for the next wee while. It’s great how cheap PSP gaming is now:-)

  6. The internet seems obsessed with first week sales, but really sales in the 3rd or 4th year or more crucial. Those 45,000 happen to be gaming/gadget geeks and they will tweet, blog and YouTube their positive thoughts to people who haven’t bought one. The whole thing should snowball nicely. Should.

    • feel the same way it is a beast people need to support it.

      • I might ‘support’ it in a few months, when its £150.

      • you will have a long wait then.

  7. Hmmm… Without good sales figures, publishers and devs are less likely to support it, which worries me, but I still think the sales are quite good for a week in Feb. Comes christmas, thats when the sales will ramp up (I hope).

    • with 2 million in software sales already I think support will be coming plus there are over 70 titles in development right now.

      • 2 million sales, but a large portion of that will be included in bundles, spread across quite a few games, and a large portion of these sales being Uncharted. If you were working on a game for a small, niche group thats a potential cult classic, you might be thinking twice about releasing it on that platform if the attachment rate just isnt there. I love my vita, am actively encouraging my friends to buy one, and have loved playing the release titles, but the quilty needs to continue, and if sales drop dead, how many of those 70 games would see the light of day?

      • if going by the launch line up a lot I would say.

  8. I thought it would have been more.
    Really happy with mine. Anyone thinking of getting one should, tons better than the PSP including the games.

  9. Very surprising, even though it seems only ‘hardcore’ gamers know about Vita, I would have thought it would have been more that just a mere 45k. Lack of advertising and expensive pricing is to blame imo.

  10. Chart Track are high street sales only. Out of the 15 or so on our forum that got Vita only 3 bought from the high street. Do the maths.
    Most bought from Shopto and Amazon.

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