Reports: Vita UK Sales “About A Quarter” Of PSP’s Launch Figures, Around 45k

Despite a fantastic launch line-up, it’s being reported that the PS Vita’s launch figures are only roughly a quarter of what the original PSP did at its launch a few years back.

As reported, among others, Sony’s 1.2 million figure pushed out yesterday means that for the rest of the world the sales are approximately 600,000 – the Japanese figure is roughly the same since launch.


“Week one Chart-Track figures reveal that Sony’s new handheld device sold around one quarter of the number of the 185,000 PSP units shifted in the UK during its first week on sale back in September 2005,” says the site.

Whilst PocketGamer doesn’t name them, it says that “industry sources” have confirmed that “the figure is just over half of the 89,000 sold by the Nintendo 3DS in its first week.” places the sales figure for the UK at around 45,000.

TheSixthAxis has not seen the Chart Track figures and cannot vouch for the figures above.



  1. Autumn , CoD on Vita . Problem solved.

  2. I’d love to get and will…just as soon as LBP vita comes out. I’m also kinda put off by the lack of video output, disabled 3g phone tethering, and the inability to Bluetooth a dualshock to it

  3. When the PSP launched the only other option was the DS. These days there is a metric crap-ton of phones and tablets capable off playing games on the go (though without buttons) + the DS-es + the PSP. Add to that the different economy and it doesn’t make sense to compare the numbers at all.

    (comparing to recent launches like the 3ds makes more sense, even if they are aimed at slightly different markets)

  4. Hate to say it but price cut!

  5. Sony should scream from.the rooftops about it. It’s awesome!

  6. Me thinks Ben Parfitt knows something based on these tweets.!/BenParfitt/status/174889485031579648

    Considering he’s the editor at MCVuk I trust his data over the guy at pocketgamer.

    • Meh I forgot to the link the other one as well.!/BenParfitt/status/174917664693698561

      • Ben might have access to the Chart Track figures. That’s all well and good, but without seeing them we’re absolutely right to report based on PocketGamer’s article, especially as they’re so sure. Comments under the article suggest PG have access to the figures too.

        If the figures are wrong, we’ll double up and correct.

  7. The market is different now, so this shouldn’t be surprising.

    I’m also okay with Sony touting this as a success – especially if it helps sell more units. Just wait until some of the bigger games come out and crunch the numbers again, and then tell me that this wasn’t a success. LBP? Resistance? KZ? COD?

  8. I’m waiting for figures around 4-6 months in. Should have a good idea by then.

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