More Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Rumours Emerge

First it was Amazon France that dropped the hint about a sequel to Call of Duty: Black Ops, but now another major retailer has also dropped a COD clanger.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 has been listed for pre-order by major, reputable Spanish and Portguese retailer FNAC.

The retailer touted a November release date for the sequel, which is likely to be an accurate estimation given the release of Call of Duty games in recent years.

Source: Eurogamer




  1. Spanish text under it is:

    Sign up to this alert and be the first to book it!

    presumably emailing you when its for sale

  2. I’m willing to be it will be either the 6th or 13th of November as they’re both Tuesdays.

  3. I wonder if BLOPS 2 will be the last COD game to use the engine from the previous games?

    I think Acti will offically announce it at E3 with some gameplay footage. :)

    • I reckon it will be, the 2013 one will probably be on next-gen and so I’d almost certainly assume they’d rebuild the engine from scratch.

  4. Not a great name tbh, but saying that, it the Call of Duty name is all that matters

  5. At least Treyarch are making the COD this year so we’ll see at least a tiny bit of innovation… maybe… if I pick it up

    • what us PS3 gamers will probably see is another XBOX port. The only good thing to come out of BlOps was more zombie maps. Now this has been done as far as it can IMO there is no good left in Treyarch

  6. Well one things for sure, it’ll run like crap on PS3.

  7. Not a mention of it at the Activision bash this afternoon.

  8. Well it’ll be a treyarch cod, so it’ll be about half as good as iw ones.

    • half? thats generous of you

    • Well said TC. IW do the visuals & sound so much better. Although the sound, & maps were better in mw2. 3 looks slightly similar to bops, which was a slight disappointment, mw2 pretty much nailed it. If we could have touched up visuals of mw2 & gameplay of mw1 id be happy, at least until ps4 that is.

  9. Black ops was the worst COD so far for me. After MW3 too I will not be buying another COD title until something new is brought in. MoH Warfighter FTW! :P

    • That’s what everyone says, before they buy them.
      Black Ops was the last one I bought though, and I didn’t get MW2 either :P
      Definitely looking forward to MoH though :D

      • I was forced to choosing MW3 over BF3 as it didnt have split screen. Actually ahh fuck I just realized I wont have my PS3 from October so no MoH too :(

    • The last one I bought was CoD 4. I’ve played them all though because nearly everyone I know buys it. That’s the benefit of a popular franchise I suppose, no need to buy it myself! :D

  10. Enjoyed the SP. Multiplayer was pants (for me), the sad thing is, i’ll buy it

    • I don’t think I’ll bother this time round. MW3 doesnt even hold the same appeal as MW2 to me

      • I’m still currently enjoying MW3, the new maps suck but still enjoying

      • I prefer the new maps to the original maps. they are a lot bigger and have several tiers to them like Pipeline on CoD4. The character models and texture seem a lot downgraded from MW2’s pollished look but this could be down to the theatre mode now

      • mw3 character models… They are smaller than mw2 & animation not as fluid, partly down to increase in speed of movement I guess.

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