New Vita Titles Being Announced Next Week

Sony will be providing us with information regarding unannounced PlayStation Vita titles on March 9th, via a broadcast titled “Welcome! PlayStation Vita Game Heaven.”

According to the invite translation (by Andriasang), the broadcast “will include information about unannounced Vita titles, upcoming releases, and Vita services, as well as new information about in-release titles.”


It can be watched via the official site. My wallet is still recovering from the initial wave of Vita titles, so goodness knows what’s in store for us!

Source: Andriasang



  1. I’m wondering what they’d have to announce to make me run out to a store and just buy one immediately…
    Great job on keeping the Vita train running following the launch. I’m hoping for a good mix between new IPs and existing IPs.

  2. A RPG game would be nice.

  3. Sounds like the wave 2 for summer/autum then. Great news!

  4. This is great – what with all the initial excitement, I hadn’t even thought about what might be coming out within a few months. I’m hoping there will be a decent touch screen strategy game at some point.

  5. PlayStation Suite? Fingers crossed.

  6. a port of skyrim would make me go out and buy one immediately. I wonder how easy it would be to port PS3 games?

  7. Looking forward to seeing whats revealed and what not :)

  8. It’s like Sony are reading my mind. While I’m having a blast ploughing through Uncharted and Escape Plan atm I was wondering what other games were on the horizon (apart from Gravity Rush and Unit 13 of course). Can’t wait to see what’s coming. Littlebigplanet and Resistance obviously but I’m more interested to hear what smaller indie games they have lined up :)

  9. Hopefully there’ll be one or two FPS soon.

  10. Gran Turismo Vita.
    Or a good car racing game.

    • Asphalt: Rejection… cause you reject the safetyness of driving

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