PSN Maintenance Postponed

Just a quick note to let you all know that today’s planned rather mammoth 14 hour PSN maintenance has been postponed.

No new date has been mentioned, with Sony saying they will “update everyone once it’s rescheduled” – stay tuned for more excitement.

Source: Twitter



  1. *schedule meet*
    *find out that there’s maintenance*
    *reschedule meet*
    *find out the maintenance has been moved accordingly*

  2. Wee Billy didn’t show for work then?

    • You might be right actually, they’ve still no update on the PSN website suggesting it’s postponed. Last word on the blog was that it’s global maintenance. :P

  3. so the psn can keep working for a bit longer before they “maintenance” it into a non functional state.
    that’s good, i’d like to try that poker thing in home before the psn goes down

  4. pfffft…………am still watching Glee tonight

  5. Damn, ruined my plan of checking FIFA 11 ultimate team auctions and bidding on cheap ones accordingly.

  6. Sony exec: “We have planned a 14 hour maintenance this Thursday evening.”

    Sony Teaboy: “Erm, you do realise that’s only a day after Sony’s flagship FPS goes f2p on the Store, right?”

    Sony Exec: “Oh yeah, of course we knew…..ahem….”

  7. So i’m guessing it will be next week and they will let everyone know 1 hour before they will do maintance.

  8. Oooh, the suspense! When will the next maintenance be? What will it be for?

    Tune in next week. Same Bat-time, same Bat-channel.

  9. YUS will be able to upload my scores on ssx when the damn postman gets here :(

  10. Awesome…that means KZ3 in and amongst make bradford British and celebrity juice…ooooooooosh

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