Assassin’s Creed III Screens Leaked

Looks like someone pressed the button early, as some Assassin’s Creed III screens have appeared on the Internet. First impressions are that the game seems wildly different from its predecessors in terms of the visual style.

I’ve never been a huge AC fan, but this change of setting has me intrigued.

Source: All Games Beta



  1. YES! Looks awesome, hopefully there is more to the March 5th countdown though, tiny amount of gameplay footage wouldn’t go amiss.

  2. Should’ve set it in Sherwood Forest.

    • yeah, you could pop down to donny to chat with Robin Hood too. I’d pay good money for that.

  3. “I’ve never been a huge AC fan, but this change of setting has me intrigued.”

    This. Looks. Fantastic!

  4. Deer stalking, wonder if there’s a nod in the direction of RDR?
    Brit killing
    Tree climbing

    Hopefully there’s something that will interest me as I’ve found the series lacking since the 1st, which I probably only liked because of a lack of games in the earlier days

  5. Wow. What a lovely shift away from the norm. Good on them. More of this please. Bioshock Infinite set the pace for radical visual departures and long may it continue.

  6. Is that a doggy I see?

  7. Great, I think this is the refreshing change the series has needed. I actually want this, didn’t bother with Brotherhood and Revelations. I just wish the protagonist had a beard or a mustache.

    • He will once he gets older *cough*

      • Yeah, in the next two AC games…

    • Ezio HAD a moustache and goatee at the end of AC2 and all through Brotherhood and Revelations

  8. Good to see that it’s the American Civil War, my interest has risen

    • Revolutionary war, I think, not the later Civil War.

      • Revolutionary?? With the Brits in it? I thought that was The American Civil War – I’m half expecting the game to reveal John Wilkes Booth as a templar agent sent to kill Lincoln as a way to gain a further foothold for abstergo’s earlier incarnation.

  9. Beautiful as always. Glad to see a change in geography too. I love this series, and I’ll definitely be getting this!

    • what change in geography? AC2/B was Italy ACR was Ottoman empire (now known as Iraq/Iran/Afghanistan), I’m not sure involving the yanks is a good idea :P (sorry to American TSA members, but I’m a Brit ^^)

  10. isn’t blending in with the crowd one of the key tactics for an assassin?

    he’s kind of failing at that by the looks of things.

    • I guess that’s what the first picture is all about.

    • The original hipster!
      The screens look amazing. I guess I’ll have to play the latest two games in the series.

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