BioWare Saves Best For Last, Releases ME3 Launch Trailer

EA and BioWare are laying it on thick in their final pre-launch trailer for Mass Effect 3. Combining in-game cinematics and play footage, this promo is littered with tid bits that only the most devoted space-faring N(7)erds are likely to spot.

If you don’t get the whole epic space drama thing, then at least some of male (or female, we won’t judge) readers may want to get a glimpse of semi-nude Ashley Williams. Miranda’s certainly got competition this time around.!


Mass Effect 3 hits PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 next week.



  1. :O OMFG! Another top class trailer cant wait until next week! the follow up to one of the greatest games of all time.SSX will have to do for now!

  2. Ye gods, why is March 9th not coming quicker?

  3. So buying this, since GAME aint selling it, I have to download it from psn hopefully its £40

    • Im doing a similar thing, using my pre-order and 5quid voucher to buy xbox live points, then getting it from the marketplace. Can anyone confirm if ME3 will be available from there? never bought an AAA title on release day off of there.

      • I know the ps3 versionn will be there on launch day for download Sony confirmed it & EA/BioWare not sure about the xbox, am sure if ps3 are doing it they aree also doing it

      • I tried to look on xbox live site, but couldnt see anything official other than DLC, as you say if PSN are doing it, makes sense that live would to.

  4. Nice, very nice. Looking forward to next week. And they used music from two steps from hell again for their trailer. Good choice.

  5. The trailers just get better! lol cant wait, hope that last clip was’nt from the final scene though.

  6. Badass

  7. hopefully shopto ship early agin and can spend thursday saving the galaxy!

    • order from ShopTo and play it on Thursday boys and girls ;)

      • last time ME2 code did not go live until the next day.

  8. This makes all the other traillers seem really underwhelming

    • I thinks that’s the idea of a ‘build up’ to be honest

  9. Looks excellent. I wonder if there will be a sacrifice ending?

    I think the Daily papers and Fox will not be happy at the half naked Ashley, again. I think that big space battle is part of the ending.

    • It was Liara the fuss was about in the first game, not Ashley.

  10. Looks a long trailer, I’m not watching just in case I see something I’d rather experience in game but I can’t wait to play it. I know it won’t be at launch but hopefully I’ll be able to afford it not long after.

    • There are no major spoilers, but yeh I can see where you are coming from.

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