New DMC Screens

Capcom has sent over some new screens for the Devil May Cry reboot, featuring a Dante ‘who grew up in various institutions, orphanages, youth correction facilities and foster homes but these were mostly operated by demons.’

Understandably Dante is a bit miffed about the demons sending him to bed without his supper but ‘he tries to stay incognito. He sides with the little guy, the victims of what he sees as an unfair society.’


We also have a couple of pieces of concept are showing Ebony and Ivory, Dante’s guns, and the Rebellion sword.

As for the screenshots, the demons pictured appear to be half cyborg and wielding guns. They don’t seem to the type who can easily pass as the evil matriarch of a foster home, but you never know.

Maybe later in the game we will encounter a mecha-demon who stands in front of Dante with a McDonalds Happy Meal, removes the plastic toy and holds it above Dante’s head and chants “naughty boys don’t get no toys.”

Sorry. It’s Friday. I have no idea what I’m writing, I’m rather tired.

Go look at the pretty pictures.

Source: Capcom




  1. I refuse to believe that is Dante.

  2. Hope this completely prooves me wrong and turns out to be sick.

    • this leads me to beg the question, why would you tihnk it would be bad due to a change in age/style? the developers have a good track record, and as far as i can see still uses badass combos?
      Just Sayin’ Not Hatin’

    • The reason is because DMC is in the hands of a western developer, some fans just don’t like the change.

      Imo I have no faith since I’ve bothered buying a Ninja Theory game, didn’t interest me.

  3. cant wait been ages since a decent hack and slash was out

  4. That is supposed to be Rebellion? Where is the skull? If you are going to include Rebellion, then make it recoginiseable. Same with Ebony and Ivory. And “Dante”.

    I think this DMC will be slower then the rest.

  5. Not too sure I like this new look, but I wont pass judgement until I play the game.

  6. I not loving this reboot at all i may not bother with it at all
    Big fan of dmc1 & dmc3

    • Me too loved the first three games… even if 2 was the worst but it was decent Haha.

      The direction just isn’t welcomed..but we have no choice but to watch

  7. they could of used a bit of red in their colour palette!

  8. I do like the look of this game, and if it wasnt called DmC, I may have gone out and bought it. I dont think im the only person who feels like the “old” Dante still had some life left in him, and a reboot of the series is premature. A direct sequel would have kept me happy and I feel that all this work could have been used to produce a brand new IP inspired by DmC instead of rebooting DmC.

  9. TO me it all looks pretty good except for Dante himself. He doesn’t give off the vibe of a demon slayer

  10. Guns look terrible. Game look terrible. I’m still going to whiny about this entire reboot.

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