Ratchet & Clank HD Collection Spotted

If  an Amazon France listing is anything to go by (which it usually is) we could be seeing Insomniac’s dynamic  duo feature in the latest “HD Collection” instalment, billed for May 16th.

For now all we have is the listing, though the signs are there. ICO/SOTC, God of War, Sly, and most recently, Jak & Daxter, have all been on the receiving end of the HD treatment, and given Ratchet and Clank’s lasting popularity, we have no doubts Sony’s had this one in the pipeline for some time.

Source: Game Informer


  1. This is cool, provided it’s the last HD Collection in a while, there is too much of a good thing.

    • True, but if you think about by the time a lot of use get around to visiting these collections they will have likely dropped in price.

    • not for me love them GTA next please.

    • I just can’t help but thinking that we will have the same all over again come the next gen and there are limits to how far you can milk something

      • Don’t think we’ll have the same next gen. I think it only really works well this gen as the games get the HD treatment and trophy support.The jump from last gen to this gen was only so big etc as it went HD.I don’t think they’ll be such a big jump with the next gen plus I’m guessing we’ll still have trophies.

  2. Awesome!

  3. Its about time. This is the HD collection I actually want because I didnt play any of the PS2 R&C games.

  4. Excellent, Ratchet 2 and 3 were the best ones. I will definitely be getting this, eventually.

  5. urrrrrr… I work at blockbuster and we had a couple of copies come in the other day. The system says it’s for sale on the 26th of feb and are now for sale

    I might be mistaking this for something else but i’m 99.99% sure it is Ratchet and Clank HD collection. I’ll doubly check in a few hours after I go ton the gym as they are next door to each over, and i’ll take a picture if it’s the right one

    • Think that might be Jak & Daxter – think that came out around then

      • Yeah you could be right actually, forgot about that game. I’ll make sure anyway as this wouldn’t be the first time something similar to this happened

      • Hope it is ratchet & clank, love their games this generation and havent played the ps2 ones yet

      • Surely you mean Jak & Daxter…!

  6. I just pre-kum a bit :-o :-P ;) LOVE R&C Games;)

    + i will say it again(this must be my 10th Million time i will say it on gaming sites by now, LOL) –

    (or just stick the normal versions on PSN, or bring back PS2 playback to a PS3, oh god i am sounding like a broken record now) :D

  7. This is f**king awesome!! Day one purchase for sure! <3 Better be true.

  8. Yes! Finally. I’ve been waiting for this one for years. :D

    • Yeah, my 2nd most looked forward to collection, after Jak of course :)

  9. Dear god when am i going to find the time (and money) to play all of these.. I’ll just have to cut down on my six hours sleep per night.

  10. About time they got around to this, even trying to play the PS2 versions on a PS3 that was playback compatible had a glitch which caused the game to pause and then unpause by itself every 5 seconds, it more or less made them unplayable on anything but a PS2.

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