What We Played #42

A frenzy is how Dan describes his gaming this week. Top of list is the almost-too-good-for-words Journey which he says “is the best thing since Jesus battled Superman on the moon”. I must have missed that particular comic but Journey is garnering such worthy praise from so many sources that Jenova Chen probably could get away with founding a religion; a religion based on awesome, emotional, thought-provoking gaming experiences that speak to the individuals playing them.

When not surfing Journey’s dunes Dan’s “also been struggling to wrap [his] head around the combos in BlazBlue on the Vita”. Fighting games are renowned for being somewhat impenetrable but he says of BlazBlue that it “is about as noob friendly as some clever analogy I can’t think of”. Despite that he’s happy to call it the system’s best fighting game.


The Last Story, “which is a brilliant game marred by some technical isues” has seen itself finished. His final criticism is that it lacks those special “Oh, wow!” environments that made Xenoblade Chronicles extra special. To change things up a bit he turned to Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus “which has aged really well although it still has a camera crafted by Satan himself”.

Lastly Dan, like many of us, has been playing a lot of MotorStorm RC. Though he is man enough to admit what most are too proud to:

Actually, I’ve been pressing “start – restart” a lot on MotorStorm RC. I hate/love that game!

In stark contrast to Dan’s vast swath of gaming, Kris has played “FIFA”, continuing his assault on the Championship with his local side, Brighton and Hove Albion. Stepping away from football, he’s also watch “stupid amounts of SNL on Netflix.”

Aran’s been playing more UFC 3 and continues to have his butt handed to him when he ventures online. In Skyrim he’s got to the point where dragons are a minor inconvenience but small groups of chaurus are decidedly deadly. Then there’s MGS 4 where it’s being stealthy that’s the problem.

[drop2]For relief he’s turned to the non-competitive environment of Netflix on the PS3 where his viewing has included Arrested Development and Always Sunny in Philadelphia. His Battlestar Galactica Blu-rays have been getting a spin too. If you’re not familiar with the series it’s the one where a rag-tag fugitive fleet of Quarian ships flees from the Geth invasion of their colonies as their former slaves stage a bloody uprising.

My own gaming has seen a core a Gran Turismo 5 and a couple of longer than intended – just one more turn – Civilisation 5 sessions swamped by PS Vita gaming. In no particular order that’s included Everybody’s Golf, Rayman Origins, Top Darts, Hustle Kings, Escape Plan, WipEout 2048, Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Super Stardust Delta and MotorStorm RC.

You’ll know by now that we’re all enamoured of MotorStorm RC’s sheer playability and “I will beat you this time” leaderboard-encouraged ‘friendly’ rivalries. I’ve not played much in the way of golf games since the days of Links 386 back in the early 1990s but I’m quite enjoying Everybody’s Golf even if the characters get a little too excited about birdies. This week’s PS Vita highlight for me though is Rayman Origins. Not only is it a rock-solid platformer but the artwork is just amazing, especially when you make the most of the ability to pinch-to-zoom.

Toby has finally gotten around to playing Batman: Arkham City “and so far it’s been a great experience”.

The things I loved about Arkham Asylum have stayed (such as the individual character biographies) and the things I wished were in Arkham Asylum have arrived. It’s official; nothing is cooler than preparing to be pumped full of lead before dropping a smoke pellet and flying off into the sky.

Completing his preparations for next week Jim has finished his Insanity play through of Mass Effect 2 with all crew members still in attendance at the end. His PS Vita’s been taken for a spin with Frobisher Says and Uncharted. The quality of the system’s launch titles has him looking forward to what we’ll see on it over the coming years.

What have you been playing this week? Have you been enjoying your first full week of PS Vita ownership? Maybe you’ve been taking advantage of some of the ridiculously great value PSP offers the NGP’s launch has spawned? Perhaps you’ve been chowing down on some of the non-participatory content your consoles serve up for your consumption?



  1. Still ploughing through the campaign in Bioshock 2, and get my ass handed to me in its Multiplayer (all to frequently by Sanmartinez last night!); a bit of Warhammer 40k, and dipped my toe in to the KZ3 party.

  2. Been Playing Uncharted Drake’s fortune on ps3, keeps freezing badly on my second crushing play through..

    Also been playing Uncharted Golden Abyss & I have to say the coolest feature I have encountered in that game **SPOILER SORT OFF** the bit where you have to hold the vita up against the light bulb or whatever. I walked around my house looking for a light bright enough lol

    Also is motorstorm RC any good, graphic wise, what is it like, I want get it but am 50/50

    • You can’t go wrong with MotorStorm RC, especially for the price – its actually a pretty long game too, with some nice features like the playground, leaderboards and quick-access Pit Wall option.

  3. I started a new playthrough on FF8 as i was rushing the last one. Grinding for 4-5 hours straight, defeated the robot spider in Dollet then decided to give FF8 a rest and started playing Half Life 2.

    Half Life 2 is excellent although i’m not a fan of the driving controls as it’s controlled by the left analog stick which is a bit annoying at times. I’m nearly done with the Ravenhohelm chapter.

    Also, played a bit of FF13 then raged quit at the last eidlion fight as i hate the crappy party leader dies= game over. Unless the entire party is KOed or unable to continue, then it shouldn’t result in a Game Over. I know what i have to do to win the fight but the bloody time limit is annoying as i feel that i have to keep rushing the turns in order to avoid getting killed.

    • Thankfully, this has been addressed in FFXIII-2.
      The game does keep you on your toes during the tougher fights but it feels very rewarding if your strategy works and you win the fight. :)

      • I’m glad that have fixed it in FF13-2. What’s the point of having 3 party members with you if you can only control one in a RPG that is known for being turned based and allowing the player to control of the party members actions? Also, i don’t think FF13 has any limit breaks. :(

      • You will get special abilities for every character at some point in their crystarium. The dumb thing about that is that you can only use the ability of the character you are in control of. This has also been addressed in XIII-2 as you can now switch between the characters during the fight.

        I personally prefer the new battle system over the classic battle system. I love the action and reacting to the course of the fight with different Paradigms feels great. The problem is that you used to set up one action per character per round and now you have the possibility to assign up to 6 actions per round and if you had to control all three characters you would have to assign up to 18 different actions per round which is just impossible with all the stuff going on.

      • Huh, didn’t know that each character will get a unique ability. I prefer the old combat system as i like being able to control the actions of the party. :)

  4. Motorstorm RC and F1 2011, both of which I now has da Platinum for! Woop for me!

  5. Platinumed MotorStorm RC (er, twice) on Sunday morning – my personal best in terms of time (5 days) and my first soley Vita Platinum.

    Gatling Gears last Friday evening with freezebug2 – we should 100% it tonight. Tried the new MW3 maps with McProley. Played most of Brink with Rocket_345, Crazy_Del and McProley…probably one of the best multiplayer sessions I’ve had in a long time what with our banter, was such a laugh!! :)

    Grabbed MGS HD Collection from the backlog pile and started that with mcphatty who was kind enough to wait for me to do the annoyingly long prologue first!

    Then some Escape Plan and a very small amount of Uncharted: GA.

    • Is your friends list full at the moment Youles? I tried sending you a FR last night using my Vita account (I didn’t realise you could use the same PSN on Vita and PS3 lol) but it kept failing.

      • Oops yeah sorry, I shall delete one of my annoying MW3 clan members to make way. What’s your PSN ID and I’ll send you one as soon as I delete someone? (Its great that I can check messages and send invites via Vita so I don’t have to wait until I get home)!

      • Haha awesome :)
        PSN: LTG-Davey

      • Request sent :)

      • Ta :) I’ll accept when I get home this evening. Will be nice to have someone on my friends list who has a Vita so I can compare trophies ;) Plus I assume that means we can trade treasures on Uncharted (haven’t really picked up how the Black Market works yet)

      • Yeah, I’ll need to trade treasures too! Just working through Escape Plan before I get stuck into Uncharted though so might be a week or so :)

      • I have a Vita. Feel free to add me – citizeninsane45

      • No problem. I want to play through on Crushing and find all the collectibles before I worry too much about trading so you’ve got plenty of time ;) Yeah I’ve found myself playing Escape Plan a fair bit recently too. Really addictive though the sensitive rear touchpad is driving me nuts at points lol.

        @Citizen, awesome I’ll add you this evening :D

      • @citizeninsane45 – will send an invite later, or send me one if you get a chance (as I have a habit of forgetting)…I’ve made some space on my friends’ list!

  6. Aint really played much this week had a few blasts on Motorstorm RC,Escape Plan and Uncharted on the Vita.

    On the PS3 i had a little lay of Prince Of Persia:The Sands Of Time and Shaun White Skateboarding that i picked up for less then a fiver each! had a few rounds on the Starhawk Beta and a mission or two on Mass Effect been a quite week on the gaming front.

  7. Finished my first playthrough of Kingdoms of Amalur. Aside from that I’ve been dipping in and out of Motorstorm RC. Also, my copy of SSX arrived yesterday, so far I’ve only played the first few events but it’s awesome fun.

  8. Spent every free moment playing Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning and I’m still loving it. I’m 15 hours into the game and have yet to complete a single story related quest.
    The amount of side quests:

  9. So I caved in to the Vita. (my missus dropped my old iphone she was borrowing into a bucket of water, so gave me £100 for it) Traded some stuff in and technically got a Vita (plus 8gb MC and UC:GA) for £104! :D

    So this week has been all about playing with the UI, demos, a bit of UC and the excellent ‘Escape plan’ love the art style, humour and gameplay. Highly recommended.

  10. Ive Been playing some Brink with Youles, Crazy_Del and Rocket_325 i started playing the campaign of Might And Magic:Clash of Heroes (love that game!)

    Started 3D Dot Game Heroes and tried out the 2 new maps on MW3.

    Vita for me this time next week though. Can’t wait!

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