Forza Horizon Trailer Leaked, Due This Year

Looks like the first major leak from the recent Xbox Spring Showcase is happening, with the game previously known as Forza World now titled Forza Horizon.

This is from Playground, the new studio comprised of Codemasters, Bizarre and Bigbig staff, and seemingly headed by Gavin Raeburn. It’s apparently due this year, and hopefully more info is coming.


Via GAF.



  1. Not saying it is fake, it’s more than likely true, but the trailer damn well looks fake. Really amateurish.

    Microsoft are really starting to milk those core 4 franchises at this stage, except maybe Gears. 3 Forza games in the space of 4 years, undoubtedly without any major, noteworthy updates? I hope they have something more… unique, new on the way.

    • Eh? It’s certainly not “amateurish”.

      • As in an amateur troll made it. Just took a load of generic car videos with some festival videos and spliced them together. The kind of fake trailer you;d see on youtube. That kind of amateurish.

      • Well, if that’s amateurish then I shudder at what most of the things on YouTube are. It’s a pretty well put together video. Quality clips with a running theme and certainly sets the “tone”.

    • The only thing amateurish about it is the text saying ‘FORZA HORIZON’ and even then only because it doesn’t fit in with the Motorsport logos (although why should it, the game seems to be a new direction for the franchise, why should the logo suggest otherwise?)

    • Have to agree with Nem on this one. Looks a wee bit tacky and doesn’t even throw us an official logo.

  2. Looks like their milking Forza now…
    and is that Jedward singing?

    • can’t have been, i didn’t throw up once. ^_^

    • Yep, sequels out too often puts me off buying, it’s like their taking the mic out of their loyal fans.

  3. It’s a tone trailer – to get across a message rather than be all slick and logod up. :)

  4. I guess I’ll wait for written information or an in-game trailer before I even know what to think because that video taught me nothing whatsoever. Still, more Forza sounds good to me.

  5. Neat. So it’s about racing and going to music gigs?

  6. Wel that is shit.

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