Joe Flanigan Tweets About Voice Work For Army Of Four

That Army of Four is coming has been rumoured since last year, so this shouldn’t be a surprise.  But actor Joe Flanigan recently Tweeted that he’s signed on to do some voice work.

“Just signed on to do the new AO4 video game for Electronic Arts,” he said. “Some splinter from Battlefield. Finally, my kids think I am cool again.”


He later retracted the Battlefield comment, so we’re assuming Flanigan got his games mixed up, but AO4 is heavily rumoured to be using DICE’s Frostbite 2.0 engine.

Presumably we’ll hear about this soon.



  1. Still haven’t finished The 40th Day. Seems solid enough though fairly weak against other cover-based shooters out there.

    Hopefully EA will take AO4 in a completely new direction.

  2. Nice. SCI-FI series stars are starting to star in videogames. What’s next? Nathan Fillion voicing a character in Halo…?

    Wait a minute…

  3. NO…. you fools make Mirrors Edge 2 >.>

  4. I loved both Army Of Two games, so I’m thrilled by the idea of a new one – I’m a bit skeptical about the Army Of Four premise, to be honest…

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