GAME Directors Might “Pull The Plug”

[drop2]GAME’s directors might have to “pull the plug”, according to a report in The Express with a source claiming that those at the top apparently feel that “insolvency has become inevitable”.

“There is a real risk that Game’s directors will pull the plug because they can’t be sure that the company can survive through the next trading season, and then insolvency becomes inevitable” said a source close to the company.


“They are in discussions with their legal advisers about whether to shut up shop rather than rack up more losses,” said the source. “The immediate response from RBS will be to push for more store closures, but the tipping point for the directors and the lending banks will come when the stores don’t have products to sell.”

News hasn’t been great for the company for some weeks now.

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  1. Wow! That would leave a massive gap for gaming on the high street!

    • Would it? I’ve not really been following closely, but it seems to me like they’re suffering because they can’t (or refuse to) compete with online prices, so hardcore gamers like us tend to shop elsewhere because we know we can get cheaper prices. I can’t see anyone jumping in their place anytime soon if Game does end; it doesn’t look like a very lucrative market.

  2. Always sad to see the prospect of that many people losing their jobs. Not sure how long high street stores can continue to stay relevant in the internet age whilst still selling game at 45 quid…

  3. This is really bad news! I hope that if the worst does happen, they have the sense to keep their online store open to enable customers to use any points or vouchers they have.

    • I have a substantial amount of credit on a Gamestation card. I used some of it in January when the bad news started but there has been nothing to spend the rest on. I would have used another £40 of it on ME3 but they’re not even stocking it! I’d been leaving my credit to build up on trade-ins to pay for a next-gen console whenever it arrives. This is now doomed and so is my credit obviously.

      • See if any of your friends are planning on making a purchase at GAME anyway, they get them to give you cash in exchange for the in store credit maybe? Just an idea.

      • Get rid of any credit or GAME/Gamestation points ASAP. Even if you buy up PSN credit or something, it’s better than losing it all if they go bust as it it will be worthless. At least with PSN credit etc you can sell on.

        I’ve already used all of my GAME and Gamestation points and will be using my £20 credit tomorrow in store on something as I don’t want any outstanding credit left with them.


      • Thanks for suggestions, I was going to blow it all on PS3 joypads. Barely know anyone that games as I’m, ahem, not so young.

    • Can’t use vouchers on their online store.

      • Another trick they missed – would have helped online sales if credit was valid online.

        Can I be the CEO? :P

      • I love how canabalise their GAME retail stores by offering $10 off, free shipping and pre-shipping preorders so you get them the day before release. One of the staff at a GAME told me they would match any price advertised, and when I said their online store, he said straight up “We can’t match our online prices”. What kind of fresh hell is that?

  4. I need to use my game point by today!!

    R.I.P GAME, you should have made Gamestation the main company they seem to know how to attract customers with their 2 for £20 deals.

  5. I’ll be honest and say I won’t miss them terribly much as a company. However it is nice to have a dedicated shop to wander round and look at new and old games. If they go down, I would like to see another company step up and take their place as the high street’s go to game shop.

  6. Oh feck! I am effed then as Gamestation is the only gaming specialist left in Dover. I wonder if they will sell off Gamestation?

    Looks like i will be force to order games online to avoid getting ripped off. They should have changed their tatics whilst they had the chance. It’s now too late as they are thinking of pulling the plug.

  7. We’ve got a few independents in Doncaster, but getting rid of GAME would be a massive blow. It just wouldn’t be the same going to HMV or Gamestation.
    I think we’ll all miss our good ol’ GAME.

  8. good riddance to overpriced games on the high street..
    how can a company not match its own internet prices surely if you want my money take it .
    only sad thing is the poor peeps that work there..
    cant be that many positions for spotty faced little herberts who know dick all about gaming..oh wait yes there’s alway mac donalds thats full of spotty faced herberts who know dick all about cooking.

    • High street branches can very often not compete because of the running costs compared to a warehouse and a packer or two. It really is very different but Game were always VERY expensive so they’ve shot themselves in the foot a bit.

      • While that’s obviously a valid point, surely it’s better to price match your own website on demand and get a sale than not? A lost customer gains you nothing and a price matched sale presents no overall loss to the business as the web site simply ships another copy to the store.
        Seems to work for other physical shops like PCWorld and such.

      • Not sure about the foot, more like the torso or higher.

  9. Game ended up payed a high price for the Gamestation business that Blockbuster was going to close down.

    Little bit of history is needed:
    If Blockbuster didn’t sell the Gamestation business they where going to close the business down.
    Game didn’t want Gamestop to become owner of Gamestation.

    • And there’s a slim chance of Gamestop buying GAME – oh the irony lol

  10. As the original story is attributed to the Daily Express I’ll hold fire until I see the story from a source I’d use to line the floor of a litter tray

    • Good point but this story might not be too farfetched

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