SF x Tekken DLC Found On Disk

Grab your pitchforks, it looks like another game has DLC on the disk that you’ll have to pay for, knowing all along that the code is there.  And the artwork.  And the move sets.  Just awaiting a download key.  Are you even still alive?

So, it sounds like Street Fighter X Tekken will ship with the future downloadable content already present and correct.  This isn’t the first time this has happened, and it won’t be the last, but Captain Internet is up in arms and it’s all kicking off.


Literally.  There are three dedicated buttons.

The facts, as we see them being reported this morning:  SF X Tekken has 38 characters from day one.  Another 12 are on the disk awaiting unlocks.  They are, apparently, feature complete, with models, move sets, artwork all there.  They’ve been worked on and produced alongside the game.

People were paid to produce them.

And yet, oddly, some commenters seem to think that either a) Capcom should lie and pretend they are more than just unlocks or b) they should be available for free.  Neither is going to happen, these are highly likely to be paid for, and they’ll be released at some point in the future.

I’m fine with that.  Why bother my already crappy bandwidth when the goodies can already be there for me to – ping – unlock in a second?  It’s either this, or charging for online, or locking out second hand copies, or eating all your Trophies unless you pay a fiver a month.

One way or another, publishers need their monies.



  1. I would have gone for the caption “Are they Tekken the mickey?”

  2. I’m not so bothered about the paying for it because it was paid for in development, more just the way ownership of content is established.

    If it’s on the disc I paid for I want to own that disc and the content on it, not purchase a licence for some content. If I wanted to do that, I’d download the bugger.

    • You own the disc, you do not own the content.

      • True, but if you ordered a meal at a restaurant, and are then told that you own the plate and not the food is hardly satisfactory!

      • That is my point. I want to own that version of the content.

      • When would you ever order a meal in a restaurant and be told you own the plate?

      • @tactical20 – That’s an awful analogy.

      • You’d never be told that you own the plate, that’s my point. You purchase the content, *not* the container! Why are games the opposite!

    • Well you will once you’ve bought all that content.

  3. This is taking the piss! Not only is there day 1 DLC but there is content that has been locked away untill you pay to unlock it. Ffs, i’m sick of publishers releasing day one DLC and locking away content.

    Capcom, you are going to drive away your customers as most people want to have the full experience without paying to unlock content.

    I fear Capcom may starting do this with every game. I hate this generation of gaming sometimes.

    • Who said anything about day 1? 12 characters sounds like they could sting it out over a few packs. Personally I’d be more pissed off if I had to wait longer for stuff thats on the disc than if I just paid for it

  4. Meh will just wait for the Super Ultra Mega Edition.

  5. The question is: Where will they draw the line? What os being paid for by purchasing the game and what costs extra? If you buy the game from retail you pay your share to play the content that was worked on until the game was finished. I could pay RRP for a game and get 100% of the content that has been worked on and then ther are games that I pay the same amount of money for and they tell me that 5-10% of the content costs extra. It’s not like they drew a line and said: “So we created 38 characters and the hours you guys put in for that will be covered by the initial game purchase. Now create another 12 and we’ll cover the production costs with DLC sales.”
    I have a slightly split opinion about stuff liek this. Maybe the character development team was done before another team that created an essential part of the game and they just kept working on more characters instead of just chilling for the rest of the development time but on the other hand these additional characters needed testing to make sure they are not overpowered or something like that and that would drag out the development time of the actual game which means they could have released the game sooner without the on disc bonus characters and just patch them in later…
    My verdict: I don’t like it.

  6. The point is that last generation they’d have been unlockables rather than paid-unlockables.

    I don’t mind the practice of paying for what’s already on the disk, but it certainly feels like you’re not paying for an item or product, and the more this goes on, the less will be included in the initial outlay for the game until the limit is established of what the consumer is willing to accept.

    The goalposts move with each new generation of players so it’s theoretically possible to lower the standards of what is delivered until a point where the consumer simply thinks of it as normal.

    Rinse and repeat.

  7. The title & everything on the box is what you’re paying for in your purchase price, if you don’t receive all of that then complain.
    The distribution method for extra content is irrelevant as far as I’m concerned.

    Won’t stop a boat load of people feeling entitled though

  8. These are the points that interest me.

    These characters actually haven’t been officially announced as DLC. All 12 were mentioned as being included in the Vita version. Mega Man and Pac Man, PS3 exclusive characters, are playable on the 360 version. The Vita version is coming out for a few months. I wonder when Capcom plans on releasing these characters.

  9. I am very close to cancelling my order and get Super SF X Tekken in 8 months

  10. Capcom don’t even try to pretend they aren’t ripping people off.
    I wish the producers would have the moral back bone to stand up to this.

    • It’s punters who ultimately decide.

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