Virtua Fighter Invades Dead or Alive 5

OK, so Tecmo has been teasing something for a while now, and at 2pm a Dead or Alive 5 video was released. Nothing odd there, right? Well, at around the minute mark a new challenger bursts onto the scene: Akira from Virtua Fighter 5!

After a massive punch-up the screen fades to black. Is VF invading DoA? Hopefully more information will be released soon.

Source: YouTube



  1. They so need to release a new Virtua Fighter. Can’t wait for DOA 5 but I bet I’d like more on the Vita.

  2. Was this not the game that detracting from the sexuality of previous titles?
    Well after 2 seconds I saw a lot of boob and at 0:28 I’m pretty sure that “position” should be NSFW. Now need to bookmark this to show the girlfriend tonight ;)

    • Typical DOA..

    • That was my first thought, doesnt seem to have changed much, although they are at least wearing SOME clothes.

      • The breastsize has gone down a cupssize or two, but the physics are still very prominent. The game does look good though, I like how the girls get dirty as they fight…

    • MMmm… Boob juggle…

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