WeView Verdict: Limbo

After last week’s split decision on F1 2011, I wondered if Limbo might have the same outcome. Even before the article had been published I had a few people criticising the game on Twitter, and my initial thoughts were that it would get utterly taken apart by the community. Given that I felt Limbo was pretty unique and enjoyable this would have surprised me, but such is the way with WeView sometimes.

It would seem that fear was misguided though, as there doesn’t seem to be anyone who hated the game. In fact most of you enjoyed the simple art and cunning puzzles, with Bunimomike calling it a “refreshing change to most games out there” and praising the “film noir style visuals”.

[drop2]Bunimomike’s level of praise wasn’t enough for Eldave0, who said it was an “Excellent game and still probably one of my favourite downloadable titles.” He went on to praise the “striking visuals and great puzzles,” before concluding that, “this is the sort of the game you will want to keep playing, which is a shame as it’s only a couple of hours long.”

The length actually seemed to be an issue for many of you, with Ico saying it was “over too soon and didn’t fill me up” and our own Tuffcub  complaining that it “way overpriced for the length”. Even Eldaveo’s praised was tempered by him saying it wasn’t really worth £10. I can certainly see where those complaints come from. Whilst at it’s current length the game feels nicely paced, a little more could have been good if the quality had been retained.

DrNate86 took a different view of the game’s length, complaining about the split in settings that the game utilises. He starts by praising the game’s opening, saying “The beginning is phenomenal, a lonely journey punctuated with memorable encounters,” and called the puzzles “ingenious”, as well as complementing the trial and error gameplay. However, he became disappointed with the game once it moved away from the jungle, stating that “it becomes a soulless puzzler, without any other distractions through a generic industrial landscape.”

For our final thoughts on the game, lets turn to aycizzle. They, reasonably, start by commenting on the game’s lack of replayability.  However, they then go onto say that “every time a mate has been at my house and they’ve started playing it, it almost always results in having to complete the whole game in a single siting! Testament to how good this game actually is.” I don’t think you can really ask more from a game than that.

As we do at this point every week it’s time to count up your verdicts of the game. Sitting at the bottom this week, with just one of you selecting this as your verdict, is Rent It. However, after that it seems we come to a tie again; both Bargain Bin It and Buy It picked up four votes each. Of course, this does make the game pretty easy to recommend, unlike last week’s split in opinion. Limbo’s certainly worth picking up, but if you’re uncertain on the length it might be best waiting until it’s on sale.



  1. Lovely to see it being so warmly received. It deserved to do very well and has hopefully earnt the devs enough money to keep on ploughing into new ventures. Good on them and long may it continue. Life becomes busier (somehow) and these little bite-sized delights are utterly wonderful.

  2. I’m curious to know who actually said rent it, since it’s downloadable and can’t be rented…


  3. Bah, Limbo reminds me of a cool kid at school who knew he was cool and screamed out about how cool he was all the time.
    Some neat ideas in the game, but it’s all about style over substance for me.
    Bargain bin it.

    • Were you born looking like Scrooge? :P

      • I thought he was far too generous.

      • Having discussed this at some length with Aerobes on PSN, I’d say CC was about right too!

  4. Yay for Danish developers :D

  5. I think that is a fair representation. It is certainly worth a purchase, but possibly not for the full price. I would love to see a spiritual sequel though, with the issues of the first addressed.

  6. I would happily pay £10 to play this game for the first time, again. As an experience, it’s unique.

  7. I played the trial but never got round to buying the full version. I think a Vita version would be great.

    • for me, the game was best played at night with the volume up loud and all the lights off, i think if it was transfered to vita it would just become another puzzler, while on a big tv, its an engagin story in a dark fairytale

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