Mass Effect 3 Doesn’t Support ME2 Cloud Saves

Mass Effect 3 on 360 won’t support imported Mass Effect 2 cloud saves, EA has announced.

Not only that, but players who want to import ME2 save files must download them to the original hard drive used to make the save. Mass Effect 3 won’t accept saves which have been transferred to another 360 via the cloud.


What this means for some, however, is that if the hard drive you used to originally play Mass Effect 2 on has gone kaput, you’re out of luck.

The publisher has also warned that manipulated saves, including ones with data for a “community created program”, may not import into ME3.

EA released this statement, possibly in the hopes that it would make everything better:

“We understand this may be a great setback to those impacted who have been following the Mass Effect franchise over the years.

“We thank you for your patience.”

Source: Eurogamer



  1. Total balls up. Simple as that.

  2. Hey, at least all those 10/10 reviewa mentioned this. Right?

  3. This must be the only game on the 360 that won’t/can’t support cloud saves. They could have given us a reason for this. If it’s a techinal problem, then go ahead and tell us.

    On the plus side, it gives those with ME1&2 to replay them whilst they save/wait for ME3.

    • It sounds like it does support them.
      Just not those from an older game (ME2).

      • Which is a bit disappointing if that is the reason for it as Mass Effect is known for allowing gamers to import their Shepard and thus is a bit of a kick to the arm for those who have used cloud saves.

  4. So long as it doesnt effect the PS3 version im happy…

    • You bloody NIMBY :P

    • Ditto to this.

    • Same here

    • Definatley in agreement with Foxhound_solid!! Would not be happy if it also applied to ps3…

  5. So how about the ps3 then

  6. 360? Uhh yeah what about the black beast

  7. As Foxhound_solid put it as long as it doesnt effect the PS3 version im more than happy!

    • It does make me worry about how they consider their customers though. Makes me more inclined to wait for a steam release than to buy it from Origin.

      • That’s exactly how I feel about this.

  8. Only reason I’m not getting it on PC is because of my PS3 save, and that corrupted multiple times.

    If this applies to PS3 too and means I can’t use the one I re-downloaded from PS+, I’ll get the cheaper copy.

  9. I’m sorry, but how is ‘we thank you for your patience’ in any way appropriate to end that statement? Some people are just prats.

    • Indeed. It only makes you more irritated.

  10. Is this game out or what -_-

    • It’s out in US now, but we have to wait till 2morro

      • I read on the Bioware forums that the PC/Origin version won’t activate until the 9th and simply displays a message to that effect. Don’t know if there is any truth in that but as yet to see any news to the contrary. Yay for DRM!

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