New Tony Hawks Pro Skater HD Screens Released

A few new screens have been released for Tony Hawks Pro Skater HD.

Due out on Xbox LIVE and PSN this summer, the game takes some of the series’ best levels and gives them a shiny new coat of paint.


These new screens show off the upgrade School II will be getting, and it looks like it’s quite an improvement all around.

I was a big fan of 2 and 3, so am looking forward to this!



  1. All kinds of awesome. They’ve not touched the geometry at all, I can already picture my massive line on School II…

    • Just imagine the outrage if they had?!

      • I, for one, would be banging the war drums if they had. Or maybe I would have just not bought it… Either way, its lookin gooood. Would it be too much to ask that it feels like TH1 and 2 rather than the later ones?

    • What have I told you about doing drugs on a school night

    • I loved School II, probably my most-played level in the whole series. Getting massive air out of the secret area (Carlsbad I think) and landing on the roof of the building on the other side of the wall is one of the greatest moments in gaming history.

  2. I can’t wait for this. I read that it’s only the best bit’s from 1 and 2 which had upset me as 3 was my favourite!

  3. i liked it when you could do the slow motion cheat, i could actually do combos then.

  4. This is great 1 & 2 were awesome but after that it got stale.

  5. Lets hope it keeps the simpler gameplay of 1 and 2 because it had lost its magic by the time 3 came around.

  6. Yes please!

  7. Carlsbad gap was destroyed last week, so glad it will be immortalised in School 2!!

    Looking forward to seeing Venice Beach screens. Still a shame there is no Philly or NY though.

    • Just seen the video of the demolition, very sad

  8. Yay! Loved these, ten times better than the skate stuff with flicky analog tricks. Mashing the shape buttons is where it’s at! Now where is my digimon hd remakes?

  9. cannot wait for this been waitin for a good skating game in years!! skate and the shitfest tony hawk became has been awful

  10. Oh this looks amazing. Loved School II

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