Journey Released In UK, Is £9.99 (PlayStation Plus)

Quick heads up, thatgamecompany‘s sublime adventure Journey is out now in the UK for PlayStation Plus subscribers, priced at £9.99.

It’s available to download from the PlayStation Store in the Plus section.  Journey will become available for non-PlayStation Plussers next week.


If you need any encouragement, check out our full 10/10 review here, and then our follow up article discussing the merits behind the game here.

Our guide to the game’s trophies is also now available.



  1. Wow you read my mind , was just about to ask this question on the PSN store update thread ! I guess it’ll be a little more expensive for non subscribers like me ?
    I had no idea this wasnt a boxed title so either way im really happy with the pricing !

    • Nope, price is the same, just early access for Plussers.

      • Great , i thought this was a £35 – £40 boxed release that i’d pick up used in a year or so . I’ll buy day one at that price , cheers Klart.

  2. Downloading…

  3. Things that are all going to feel a whole lot longer this PM
    1) the last two hours at work
    2) the bus ride home
    3) the time it takes to download Journey
    4) the time it takes to install Journey
    yes I am looking forward to this a lot….

  4. Too ‘spensive for me.

    If it gets knocked down to around £6 at some point, maybe i’ll take a look.

    • You won’t be buying this amazing, groundbreaking game for the sake of £4?

      • Yeah – Trouble is i just haven’t seen enough of it.

        All i can refer to is a 5 minute blast at egx, which wasn’t actually enough to tell me anything about the game, including whether it was for me or not.

        Plus, i never drop anything over a fiver on a downloadable game, so £6 is bloody generous for me! :D

      • Wow, really? Just on the fact that you download it rather than get it in a shop?

      • Yup – I rarely buy ‘full’ titles from the store due to the fact that HDD space is precious (& rare!) & i much, much, much prefer physical media.

        I could do without downloadable titles if i am honest, as they often get neglected for boxed products anyway. Can’t say it works the other way around with me though – If boxed games go the way of the dodo, i just won’t be as interested anymore.

        Probably a strange point of view to many, but i am pretty old school when it comes to gaming.

        Don’t understand this new fangled ‘intermanet’ stuff! :D

      • @Forest_01
        Completely share that view to be honest. Don’t get me wrong, I occasionally enjoy games off the PSN/XBL stores (Limbo, Shank, Escape Plan) but I rarely (if ever) pay over £7 for a downloadable game because, without that box sitting on my shelf, I don’t feel like I’ve got my money’s worth. Plus it gives me the option to trade it in at a later date to buy something else :)

        If gaming moves solely to digital distribution I would imagine I’ll hang up my controller for good.

    • I’m not prepared to pay the asking price either. I’m sure it’s every bit as super as everything I’m reading tells me but I won’t be held to ransom on stuff either. It can wait.

  5. so it is.
    they actually did something right for once.

    but still, goes to show, never take what they say on the blog at face value.

    of course, i’d only just have enough, and i mean exactly enough, to the penny, if my maths is right, if they gave me my money back for those pick and mix minis i bought in december that never worked properly.

    but being the scum they are, they refuse to.

    • You are the most miserable person ever!

      • No, Elaine is.

      • if there’s a list of people’s opinions i care about, you would not be on it bUNIMOmIKE.

      • I’m not worried about you respecting or even listening to my opinion. You just cast a shadow over nearly every post and it’s littered with negativity and pulls down an article sometimes.

      • says the person who makes personal comments about other people because of their grammar.

        and i’m being negative?

        you come in here and insult me, and it’s not the first time, when i’ve not addressed you, in any way.

        you know what, i’m not gonna get into an argument, i’ll tell you what i will do though.
        you’re a non entity from now on as far as i’m concerned, say what you like, you’re beneath my notice.

        you and all your grammar nazi crap.

      • Keeping a modicum of decent English on here is not a personal comment/attack on anyone. It’s about the English/grammar/etc. Even then, I try to overlook 90% of everything.

        You’re a bright, intelligent person with a passionate opinion. It’s just a shame that you come across so negatively in so many of your posts but I don’t mind you ignoring me one bit.

        The reason I don’t mention this to anyone else is no one comes across like this. Not quite like this but hey-ho. It was worth a shot.

    • WOW. Why do you own a PS3? If I was as unhappy as you are with a product and company i’d shop elsewhere. Seriously Hazel, what gives?

      • Although I too agree hazelam might be over the top in her dislike of SCEE, why should she shop elsewhere?

        And if it’s the exclusive games she likes, she can’t shop elsewhere.

      • i think the ps3 is great, the games are great, scee however are a waste of space.

        i tend to feel that way about scum.

      • Dont see the big issue. She has every right to complain.

      • “Dont see the big issue. She has every right to complain.”

        Mm-hm. Agreed. This is why I try and refrain from voicing my disdain on the front page (and the site for that matter) but power to hazelam for voicing hers.

      • I agree I often get annoyed at Scee, Hazel as every right to complain hehe.

      • @Kitch Maybe ’cause Microsoft service is actually worse? Sometimes you just want to play, and all you can do is choose the less of two evils.

    • i’ve riled up the fangirls today. ^_^

      • I’m by no means a fanboy/girl I just wouldn’t stick with a company I disliked as much as you clearly do. Aren’t they now scen? Any issues i’ve had with broken and missing things I’ve paid for, I’ve always got a refund and extra stuff. I can’t see how you keep getting shafted? Up to now i’ve managed to get 3 free disc games and 2 PSN titles. ANd written apologies. Strange how companies are with some people?

      • good for you.
        i guess they respond better to flattery then derision.

        but i just can’t stomach being sycophantic to scum like scee.

  6. Instant purchase when I get home – should have sorted out remote play with my Vita so I could have started downloading it from work. Plonker

    • Now that’s a brilliant idea. Dammit, didn’t bring the Vita to work today…

      • Collectively, we’re rubbish!

      • I have a Vita but I cannot download it… Battery is dead =(

      • Well we are a useless bunch. I have Vita and charge, but haven’t setup Remote Play. Kevatron400 doesn’t have his Vita, and you don’t have your charger. We must learn from this gentlemen.

      • Pool your forces & you should have it sorted! :)

      • It seems I wasted my time teaching my 16-month old son to unlock my iPhone, scroll several pages and start Sonic All Star Racing was a waste of time. I shall now teach him to navigate the PS Store next, that will be much more useful for when Daddy is stuck at work.

      • Remote Play didn’t work the last time I trieed… and I haven’t bought it yet. heh

    • yeah, just wait until your wallet gets rinsed from all the random purchases!

  7. I’m guessing that’s about €12.99? That’s not too bad, i’ll grab it as soon as i get home this eve!

  8. I assume there won’t be a demo for this? Wouldn’t mind giving it a try considering it looks naff to me but you guys seem obsessed over it at the mo

  9. Downloading now. It’s 591mb for anyone that’s interested.

  10. I’m stuck in meetings this evening, but this will be at least downloaded, if not played by tomorrow morning! Hurrah!

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