Monster Hunter, New GTA Appear On

Yesterday afternoon listed Monster Hunter 3 Portable for the PS Vita. The listing is still there, suggesting that either a) it’s a mistake that nobody has pointed out to them yet or b) it’s meant to be there.

Or, you know, c) they just want some pre-orders for something that might exist down the line.


The news came in from’s Ben over on GAF, and was quickly written off as a fault by the users on the website. The box art is clearly ‘subject to change’ and details are sketchy at best. Most just assume it’s not supposed to be there, and some say it’s been there for months.

More titles apparently appeared last night in a screengrab, including a new Grand Theft Auto, Final Fantasy and Tales of Innocence. Those two have even more fake looking box arts and – surprisingly – no details.  Do you see where this is going?

Oh, and these latter titles are not on the site at all, despite rumours circulating around the internet just now. They’re 99% fake, and probably never were on there.

Sony are meant to be revealing some previously unannounced Vita games on Friday, although most expect them to be mainly Japan-centric titles.



  1. If I were a betting man, I’d say MH Vita is being announced on Friday at the Sony event.

  2. Sony knows a MH game would do well on Vita, it’ll be interesting to see what they announce Friday. It might just be a port of one of the existng MH games, to fill the gap while they develop a Vita specific game.

    • Yeah, it would make sense for them to go with a Vita version of the DS game I would think.

  3. Shopto listed this weeks ago. They then took it down.

  4. I would love to see the monster hunter game, thats all am waiting for, for now

    Also this is irrelevant to this article, when trying play mini’s on the vita does anyone else get an error C1-2858-3

  5. MH Vita is a cert, at least in Japan. The best-selling, most popular franchise on the PSP, it would be foolish to pass it up, especially with Nintendo flaunting around with MH3DS.

  6. Monster Hunter omfg.

    With Vita getting enough interest surely its about time MHF3 was finally revealed.

  7. Monster Hunter has been on their site for ages; I registered to be emailed when I could preorder; of which I received recently.

  8. great news if true.

  9. Monster Hunter I can see. GTA, not so much.

  10. they could port that chinatown wars game to the vita, seems ideal for the touch screen.

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