Peter Molyneux Leaves Lionhead

I’m not a huge fan of saying “BOOM!” when a big news announcement drops, but this is truly boom-worthy: Peter Molyneux is leaving Lionhead.

Speaking to Kotaku, he had the following to say:


“It is with mixed emotions that I made the decision to leave Microsoft and Lionhead Studios, the company that I co-founded in 1997, at the conclusion of development of Fable: The Journey.”

In a tweet a few minutes ago he also added the following:

“Now for something really amazing, scary and brave a new company called 22 Cans.”

“While his decision was a difficult one,” said Microsoft in a statement, “he felt the time was right to pursue a new independent venture.”

Whilst he often came under fire for hyping up features of his new games, there’s no doubting his passion for the industry. We look forward to seeing what 22 Cans has to offer.

Source: Kotaku



  1. Wow, that is indeed “Boom-worthy” news. I didn’t expect that. I guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens to the Fable franchise without Molyneux. I wonder what his next project will be.

  2. 22 cans, aka, 11 pairs of knockers……

    I wonder if there is any reason why he wanted to go and start his own thing again, or did he just get bored??

    • Think you answered your own question with “11 pairs of knockers”.

      Who wouldn’t want to work for that company?? :)

  3. At this new company, you will be able to do ANYTHING, new experiences never before seen will occur!

  4. Does that mean Lionhead is going the way of rare?

    • Looks like that, just look tt the 2 Fable game that are going to release later this year.

  5. They were probably annoyed with him making impossible claims. “Yes there is a full game with an artificial intelligent boy who is powered by cloud technology and will learn to say your name whilst farting weather forecasts”.

  6. M$ : “Peter, We’d like you to do nothing but Kinect games from now on, well, you’ve been such a fantastic promoter of the Kinect It’s only natural. How about a God based Dancing game for starters.”

    Peter Molyneux : “[email protected] THAT! I Resign”

    • Hi,

      You have been a memebr for a while and you should be aware that the correct abbreviation for Microsoft is MS.


  7. Have there been any big studio purchases that haven’t gone away from Microsoft after a few years?

    -Bungie was a phenomenal success, before eventually being let go as a whole studio and now presumably going multi platform.
    -Rare was bought at big expense, and then produced a bunch of not-so-successful games before the Stamper brothers quit the business. Currently working on all things Kinect, but lightyears away from Goldeneye and they’re awesome years on N64.
    -Lionhead seems to be aping the Rare model, just with a lot more success on the few games they’ve released. What will happen without Molyneux, and with (I believe) several other high up staff leaving is anybody’s guess.

    There are, of course, still several studios and collaborations that are successful with Microsoft, but the general narrative we’ve seen over the years is that the top guys see the grass as being much greener elsewhere, and move on. You haven’t seen that anywhere near as much with Sony’s studios, and when it has happened there’s been a better follow on success, with people moving up the production chain.


    What next for Lionhead? Who knows…

    • Raises the question,is exclusivity worth it anymore in such a big industry?
      Speaking as someone who bought all of Sonys exclusives last year i can think of only Uncharted that really kept me playing,even then not nearly as much as alot of third party software.I would’ve certainly played Motorstorm more had it been across xbox live,same for Socom.

  8. Saw this all over twitter and was suprised actually. Well all I can say is, I wish him well and good luck with the new company – 22 cans.

  9. He must be working on the game he’s always wanted to make…again.
    I missed Bullfrog,won’t miss Lionhead.

  10. Totally didnt see that coming….

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