The New iPad Announced and Detailed

Apple has announced the new iPad. First up is the new retina display, kicking out a 2048 x 1536 resolution with 3.1 million pixels and 264 pixels per inch. Existing apps will be scaled up, with text getting a higher resolution.

Under the hood is the A5X processor with quad core graphics. Also new is the iSight camera, which features auto-focus, 5 megapixel backside-illuminated sensor with 1080p stabilized video. The front camera is still VGA, which is going to look awful on that lovely new screen.


The new iPad will also support 4G, although the UK won’t be able to use that feature yet.

Now for the prices:


  • £399 16GB
  • £479 32GB
  • £559 64GB

Wi-Fi + 4G:

  • £499 16GB
  • £579 32GB
  • £659 64GB

The iPad 2 will still be on sale in 16GB form for £329 (WiFi) and £429 (WiFi and 3G).



  1. Does 4G include HSDPA/UTMS anyway?

  2. £400 !?!? Im so glad I got out of the Apple “hype” a while back. Ill stick to my vita and not like an absolute tool.

    • *look the irony…

      • Funniest thing I’ve read all day lol

    • Never got into the Apple “hype”. There’s always cheaper, and a lot of the time better, alternatives.

      • Exactly cam.

      • The higher end competition tablets are around the iPad price and it does everything I need it to do personally.

        It’s a little unfair on putting it down to ‘hype’ – Apple must be doing something right to retain all of these customers.

        And Burgess, shame on you for calling me a tool, no love for you tonight :(

      • aha sorry mike its just from personal experience. One of my mates has one and as soon as he gets it out (calm down) I cant help but think he looks a bit silly. I think its mainly just because im a massive cheapskate and that tablet “pc’s” are a waste of time. Lets think of it this way Bill gates announced the windows tablet ages ago no one really cared but as soon as Apple launch one everyone pretends like its an evolution. It simply isn’t, an iPhone has more use than an iPad and im sure if you can afford any Apple product you have enough to have a dedicated PC.

    • yep going to stick with my Vita as well I had the ipad 2 but got rid of it a few months ago.I did get sucked in by Apple for a while nearly lost my mind & got a mac.

      on another note this is good news for Vita & Android owners

  3. Not sure how much space the user can utilise in iPad’s but if it’s similar to iPod Touch then the available space is towards 20% less than advertised so something with a 12.xGB memory certainly wouldn’t be enough for me, which makes it a choice between £479 & £559… Who am I kidding, I can’t afford either.

    Specs were interesting because Apple have advanced the GPU again, but didn’t mention the CPU, so it’s presumably the same as iPad2, however with the GPU enhancements it certainly looks amazing as did the game demos.

    Camera enhancements are great, but I’m still to be convinced that a tablet will be used to take photos with, without anyone within 50miles laughing their balls off at you.

    Was expecting further enhancements to iOS myself maybe bringing a version of Android’s widgets or Microsoft’s live tiles to the OS, having to fire up an app to find things out isn’t a geat experience comparing to just glancing at a screen.

    Overall seems a great bit of kit & certainly the best iPad yet…

    • I’d be surprised if it didn’t turn out to be the best iPad yet tbh

    • iOS5 is still pretty new, so I would have been surprised if they updated it. Camera is impressive, though would have thought they would get in on the 3D hype and incorporate 3D image capture.

    • Was in London a couple weeks ago and saw a group if girls taking a picture of themselves with an iPad. Most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen. Utterly hilarious. I personally see no point in them whatsoever and with it being an apple product it’ll be hugely underpowered and overly locked down for the price.

    • I’m not really impressed by the refresh. Technically the screen is pretty neat but video wise there isn’t really that much material that sports a higher resolution than Full HD and the aspect ratio of the iPad really defeats the purpose of enjoying the material in it’s true aspect ratio. You either lose the edges or you have massive black bars at the top and bottom.
      The resolution seems nice for high resolution photos and that is complimented by the new iPhoto software but I personally have no use for these things on a tablet and to be honest, I can’t see the pixels on my 1280×800 tablet screen. Not watching any videos at Full HD anyways.
      Like you, I was hoping (well not hoping, I actually don’t care) that they would work on the underlying operating system. It does feel dated in comparison to the competition.

  4. woof, that’s expensive.

    the Ipads look like great pieces of kit, but dayum, too pricey for me.

    i’d love to see what the retina display looks like, the standard screen on my 3rd gen touch looks pretty good.

    • Seeing as the top-class one is about the same cost as an iPhone4, I don’t think it’s too bad. Yeah, it’s way out of my budget, but considering how Apple price stuff I don’t think it’s too bad.

  5. So since there is no difference between the different versions, other then memory, you pay 80£ for 16GB more. And people whine about the price of Vita memory…

    • Not to mention it’s only a €50 difference for 3G connectivity.

  6. Price is a bit too much for me.

  7. Only bought a iPad 2 so I’ll wait for iPad 5 in 2014.

  8. looks like the ipad 2, no longer interested in apple products they busy suing everyone and everywhere

  9. Tempted to buy an iPad 2 at that price actually, even though it’s about 100 quid more expensive than a Vita, I can see myself using it for so much more, and getting value for money out of it.

    • Right there with you pal. Although, kinda temped with the new one…. just because, its new….

    • What would you use it for though? Although I think they’re incredibly gosh-darn pretty, I’d rather sink that money into a decent laptop which is going to do far more and do it better, or purchase a dedicated gaming console. I love the app store games on my iPhone, but I’d far prefer to be playing a games console, most of which offer the best of those games anyway.

      • Laptop = Work/lengthy web browsing
        iPad = Quick browse on the web, check emails etc.

        The first thing I do on a morning and last thing on a night is check my iPad. I think it genuienly serves a purpose and I use it more than I actually thought I would

      • I use mine for college and note-taking far more than anything else.
        That, Kindle, and serving as a TV in my room (SkyGo, Netflix, etc) are simply fantastic uses.
        My laptop is nowhere near as portable friendly as my iPad.

      • Checking emails and browsing the web is what I’ve heard from friend’s too. I’ve no doubt it’s good at it, but is it really £400-£600 good? Until it fits in the palm of your hand and projects it’s display via hologram, I just don’t get it.

      • Thing is, I don’t want it to fit in the palm of my hand. The bigger screen real estate is perfect for viewing content as I find my iPhone screen too small to browse for any period of time.

      • I’d effectively use it as a more portable laptop, as Mike says it’s easy to quickly do something on it.
        With the App store, that would easily fulfil my portable gaming needs and also do so much more, whereas Vita is just gaming.
        If Vita significantly drops in price soon, then I’ll have to re-think.

    • gaz it can do most of what a ipad can do & gaming a lot better.

  10. I’d like to see them shave a few more quid off the 2, 299 would be much more enticing. Still, a new iPad, woo! Looking forward to seeing one in the flesh.

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