VEVO App Launches On Xbox 360

Microsoft has announced the release of VEVO, the music video app, on Xbox 360.

VEVO is one of a number of apps due to release on the Xbox 360 this year, in an attempt by Microsoft to make the console appeal to a wider audience. The app allows you to create your own playlists, share the videos you watch through LIVE and Facebook and takes advantage of Kinect allowing you to swipe through the video list, as well as use your voice to search for videos. VEVO is only available to Xbox members with a Gold LIVE account


There is still no news regarding BBC iPlayer which is also expected to appear on the 360 at some point this year.

Source: VEVO



  1. I downloaded this app immediatly this morning, and i have to say whilst i have not written it off yet… i was dissapointed with it.
    i think VidZone for my music tastes has more on offer. i searched on Vevo for several artists and nothing!
    Vidzone wasnt great to start with so i havent written it off. But Vevo has been around for a while in a non console capacity so i was slightly dissapointed.

  2. I thought that there was an issue with iplayer appearing on Xbox due to the money aspect?

    Good if they have resolved it of course, i just don’t remember reading anything further on it.

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