BlazBlue Continuum Shift Extend Becomes the Vita’s Top Rated Fighter

You may have noticed that a review of BlazBlue Continuum Shift Extend is missing from our Vita coverage. We’re not ignoring it, but simply trying to get to grips with this incredibly in-depth fighter. There’s no doubt about it though, the game is very good indeed.

To celebrate the fact that it has become Vita’s top rated fighter (according to Metacritic), and actually achieving the same aggregated score as Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Arc System Works has put out a little trailer to let everyone know.


Expect our review soon.

Source: Press Release



  1. it doesn’t have a great deal of competition yet though does it? ^_^

    anyway, i’ve heard good things about the Blazblue games, i wouldn’t mind trying a demo of the ps3 version.

    • Well it have Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom and Reality Fighters ;)

  2. I love the fact they feature a quote and rating from the Metro

  3. Needs a demo. Would love to check it out but I don’t fancy handing over £35 without trying it first.

    • I played the two PS3 games and my thoughts are it isn’t as good as Guilty Gear.However I still think its a great fighter but I bet I’d like it more as a portable than console.

  4. UMVC3 is a great game. I have absolutely no idea what is happening though most of the time, if anyone can point me towards somewhere that can teach me that’d be greatly appreciated! This looks great too and I’m not a big fighter fan but trying to experience different genres on the Vita than my normal RPG/adventure orientated taste; fighters, puzzlers, dual stick shooters and racing games so far

  5. I bought Blazblue for the PS3 and find it baffling and fairly overwhelming. The AI destroys me. Very pretty, but sinfully hard if you don’t have the time to really invest in it.

  6. Demo please :-)

  7. Real achievement to be equalling Uncharted scores. I’ve read extremely complimentary things about the PS3 version too.

  8. It’s actually rated higher than Uncharted on metacritc. 83 to 80.
    Meanwhile, UMvC3 is at 79, and Reality Fighters at 58.
    Well done them, although I’m waiting for Mortal Kombat to pick up my first Vita fighter.

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