Paradox Launch In-Game Trailer For War of the Roses

Swedish publisher, Paradox Interactive, is usually known for its solid stable of hardcore strategy titles including franchises such as Crusader Kings, Sword of the Stars, and King Arthur. However this year the firm will be bringing a number of less-intensive, smaller-scale game to the forefront, three of which we reported on earlier this week.


War of the Roses is a multiplayer hack n’ slash/shooter hybrid from Fatshark (Lead and Gold, Hamilton’s Great Adventure.) Set in 15th century England, players will be able to build their own custom classes, outfitting online avatars with a variety of weapons and armour types. It’s ambitious to say the least, and has already been compared to the insanely popular Mount & Blade.

Source: Press Release



  1. Was that one of the most useless trailers I’ve ever seen? I believe so! :-)

    • Did you see the Forza Horizon trailer last weekend? Worse. ;)

  2. totally fabulous, once again a smash hit for Paradox on the horizon, instabuy if its got a 1st person/3rd toggle.

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