Quantic Dream Shows Off Tech Demo “Kara”

Over in San Francisco, GDC continues to rumble along with its usual trickle of interesting titbits of information. In this instance, it’s the latest show of force from Quantic Dream. The Heavy Rain developers aren’t shy of showing off some amazing tech demos, anyone that remembers the renders and target videos for the detective thriller will remember.

This seven minute demo, entitled “Kara”, is running in real time on a PlayStation 3 and looks incredible. Of course, the fact that they can make the console run a quick demo like this is no indication that it could cope with this sort of output for a full game but we can dream, right?


David Cage has told Eurogamer that the demo was ready a year ago but is still only using about 50 per cent of the capabilities of the engine. It has also been confirmed that the next Quantic Dream game will be a Sony exclusive, although we’ll have to wait a while for more details of that.

Source: Eurogamer



  1. Uhh… Can’t say i’m impressed or interested or… anything.

  2. Right well show us it in a game and colour me interested.

    • Show me this working in game and i will be extremely impressed!

  3. Looks great.

  4. looks bloody great nice emotion in it as well.

    • Yup, that worked for me too. When she took her first steps and had that little smile on her face i was sold on her being real,… Loved it and I’m very intrigued as to what kind of gaming experience Quantic Dream will develop from this.

      • It does look rather good, an interesting story fully of emotion. I imagine you will play as Kara in a similar style to Heavy Rain , although it would be nice to see Quantic push the boundaries in a different direction this time.

  5. Very Stories of Ibis :)

    I quite enjoyed that, now translate that narrative and characterisation into a playable experience please Mr Cage.

  6. Hm. Incredible looking and mildly interesting tech demo but my interest will increase ten-fold when we get some information on the next game from them.

  7. Hugely inpressive tech, especially if it’s done realtime (regardless of what’s claimed) but the same lack of subtlety that spoiled Heavy Rain is obviously here.

    Nice idea, though.

    • Yeah it is amazing looking, a decade ago Pixar would have struggled to render that for the big screen let alone do it on a games machine. As Peter implied, it’s probably doing a good job of cooking the playstation, I wonder how long the black beast would live with this on repeat?

  8. This looks really good. Obviously this demo is a long way from being a game but I pretty excited about it already.

  9. I remember all this kind of talk and tech demos and stuff for Heavy Rain and i was thinking “whats the big deal” . Played Heavy Rain and it was unbelievable , so good in fact i finished it in one weekend . No matter what these geniuses do now im excited.

  10. Did I read that right? They are still only using 50% of the capabilities of that engine? If so then that is really impressive. The facial animation was better than anything I’ve seen on the PS3 so far. Heavy Rain was good but not as amazing as they made me believe beforehand but I’m still very interested in their next project.

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