Sony Issues More Meaningless Move Figures

Sony is keen for us to know that Move is doing quite well for them. At GDC in San Francisco, the company’s developer support engineer spoke about how many units they’d shipped.

Gabe Ahn said that Sony has shipped 10.5 million Move units. What that means is as confusing as ever. Firstly, “shipped” doesn’t often mean “sold”, it just means what retailers have ordered to have in stock. There might be a warehouse somewhere with 9.5 million Move controllers sitting on crates. There isn’t, of course, but there might be. Stating “shipped” numbers doesn’t tell us how many people have actually bought one.

[drop2]Sometimes, though, companies say “shipped” and actually mean “sold to customers”. In that case, Move’s 10.5 million figure would be fairly impressive for its 18 month lifespan.

Another cause for confusion is the modular nature of Sony’s Move system. Does Ahn mean that the company sold 10.5 million of the wands with the little glowing balls on? Does he mean 10.5 million Move sets consisting of at least the camera and the Move wand?

Does he mean 10.5 million units of something needed to make Move work — the Nav controller, wand or camera? My guess is that the figure is accumulated shipping figures for the Move wand and Nav controller.

Not so impressive when you consider that plenty of people bought more than one Move wand. A typical set up might be considered two wands and a nav controller, for example. The most interesting figure would be the install base for Move-capable consumers and what equipment they have, specifically. If a developer makes a Move game, how many people can they hope to sell it to? How many if that game requires more than one Move wand to work?

For comparison, after Kinect’s first 16 months, it has sold (or shipped, who really knows?) 18 million units, including bundles. So there are roughly 18 million people capable of buying the next dancing game released for Kinect.

What is perhaps more interesting here is the fact that Sony is still keen to talk about Move. With Sorcery finally popping up out of hiding yesterday, there seems to be some renewed vigour in the peripheral. Hopefully this means that Sony is going to put a bit more weight behind creating unique, quality experiences for the device.

Source: GameInformer



  1. Really dont get the shipped firgure. Does it just include how many sold and those sitting in warehouses :P
    Move has been utter rubbish in my opinion. Bought it day one and have only bought one specific move game because there has been hardly any support for it. Minus the tacked on parts on KZ3, resistance and LBP.

    • Sold to retailers. You should look at psn, some great move osn games.

      • Pointless figure then. I forgot that I did buy beat sketchers which is a fun little game.

  2. 4 wands, 2 navs here – so I am 6 of that figure, its an irrelevant figure to everyone except whoever is making them,install-base is what matters & I don’t think that would be all that impressive.

    Now make some frickin games for it from your top studios & engage 3rd parties please. It’s a bit of a shambles that Sports Champions Table Tennis is still its best implementation

    • I have to agree although I really do hope Socery will do well with Move been looking forward to it since it was mentioned last year!
      I have a few Moves Titles but most are party type. as cc-star pointed out Sports Champions were the best game for Move.
      Move is gathering dust as I type….
      (oh I have 2 wands and one nav)

      • Agreed. I too have two moves, one nav.

    • I only got one so your argument makes no sense.

    • I know it’s trendy to hate on the Move, but not everyone overcommitted with controllers and now regrets it (and comments to that effect on every Move article).

      Install base is important for sure, but so are active users. Anecdotally I see a lot more people online still enthusiastic about Move titles compared with the complete apathy that now exists for Kinect – and has since post Christmas 2010.

      If you look at attach rates, Move really isn’t doing too badly. There have been at least 3 million Sports Champion copies sold which would indicate that at the _absolute_ worst a Move ‘unit’ could be camera/move/navi or camera/move/move.

      If you ask me, I’d guess the install base is around 5 million and probably higher, a Move unit being just the Move controller on it’s own which would mean the average person has two (wands). Remember, Move is an accessory – not a platform like MS positioned Kinect to be – and a single Move compliments many many games on it’s own.

      Now before you slay me for making wild guesses, take a look at the Kinect numbers for comparison.

      We _know_ Kinect has sold 18 million and therefore has an 18 million person/family user base right? So it stands to reason Kinect’s most popular games (excluding the mandatorily bundles Adventures) should have sold two to four times more sales their Move rivals right?

      Kinect Sports ~ 4 million (2 million sold in the pre-christmas 2010 hype)
      Kinect Sports: Season Two ~ 1.8 million (1.3 million sold in the pre-christmas 2011 hype)
      Kinectimals ~ 1.2 million
      Dance Central ~ 2.6 million
      Dance Central 2 ~ 1.5 million

      Not exactly stellar numbers for an 18 million user base, and these are the best sellers? Even I bought Dance Central 2 (my GF wouldn’t stop talking about it), but there is nothing else vaguely appealing out there (that the Move doesn’t do better), and very little on the horizon. Steel Battalion and _possibly_ Crimson Dragon are the only two announced Kinect games I’d even take a second look at.

      Compare that with: MLB The Show 2012, Counter Strike Global Offensive, Star Trek, Snipers, Bioshock Infinite, Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath HD, Sorcery and Datura just to name the ones I’m personally excited about. As per MAG, Killzone, Socom 4, Resistance 3, Heavy Rain, LBP2, and Infamous 2 you can expect Sony to keep supporting Move as an (optional) peripheral in many of it’s big first and second party titles too. Not just tacked on like voice commands in ME3, or head tracking in Forza 4 – but actual fully viable alternate control schemes, some using the Sharpshooter.

      As I said, it’s clearly the cool interwebz trend to hate on Move, but please don’t complain that it’s unsupported, that’s utter nonsense.

      PS: Frisbee golf was way better than table tennis ;)

  3. I should do something with the warehouse full of Move controllers right? I’m just stockpiling them for the end of days right now.

  4. move? where did i put that?….found it!
    didnt know whether to file under p for pointless or w for waste of money?

    • When that happens to me I file it under h for hnnnngh (aka can’t believe I bought it). To be fair, Move is better than Kinect at actually working the way it was intended. House of the Dead: Overkill, Sports Champions, Tumble (PSN) are all games where move adds value.

      • I agree that Move is technically better. But Its feels more like a science experiment. Where as Kinect is more fun IMO.

        When Sony say move is acurate to 2mm or whatever and then the sharpshooter drifts all over the screen you start to question how good it really is. MS never said Kinect was anally accurate, they just said it was fun, and on a whole, it is.

        To me it feels like putting a bunch of Japanese Scientists up against a bunch of Rednecks on Scrapheap challenge. The scientists will have the best ideas, but I bet the rednecks win. :D

      • I agree with you about the ‘fun’ factor – watching mates flail about trying to slice fruit or ‘dance’ is worth the price alone. I miss the old light gun days, though – a GCon 45 and Point Blank 2 can’t be matched with this vision-based technology.

  5. it is always around the top 10 on shopto most weeks so it must sell it has loads of games as well. not pointless imo.

  6. I bought 2 Moves, one Nav and a Sharpshooter. Traded them in for Kinect.

  7. Whenever Microsoft say ‘Sold’ it means ‘Shipped’ LoL:D I don’t really care about PS:MOVE really or any Motion control cr*p. Hopefully SONY will show me some more normal PS3 Exclusives at GDC, that is all i care about :P + Kinect sold billions blah blah blah so what, it is still a pile of sh*t i think that adds nothing to real gaming.

    • Could we please stop with the Kinect and MS bashing everytime you see one of their articles? If you dont like it then fair enough, but can you please express your opinion in a less antagonistic way? This anti MS stuff is really tiresome.

  8. I bought two wands for the kids mostly, of which many hours of fun have been had. Think I’d use it more if there was integrated into the web browser á la wii.

  9. Sony’s support for Move has been quite disappointing. They haven’t given it the same kind of marketing push as Microsoft have for Kinect, that’s fine, but they really haven’t done much at all. Definitely feels like its under utilised and a bit of a “me too” device, with potential that is being wasted

  10. Biggest waste of my money ever, no idea why I bought it come to think about it

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