DLC News Causes Kerfuffle Among Uncharted Fans

Naughty Dog has recently posted details on the next batch of content for Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception including a new game mode in which players face the Djinn; a supernatural twist on the already refreshing, if a little blighted, online co-op.


The award-winning dev started a ruckus when it revealed that this will be the thirteenth wedge of content covered by the pre-paid Fortune Hunters’ Club Pass.

The FHC has more than paid itself off, plunderer’s set to save themselves 60% on what they would have spent purchasing each bit of content, individually. So why are fans upset by the news?

Back in October when the DLC pre-order scheme was announced, Naughty Dog and Sony outlined what players could expect from the deal:

The Fortune Hunters’ Club DLC program entitles you to the first four multiplayer map packs and the first three multiplayer skin packs for UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception with the first DLC release coming in November.

Being the thirteenth FHC update, Shade Survival is also the penultimate content drop, meaning whatever comes next will be the last snip of DLC Fortune Hunters are entitled to. At present the scheme has delivered on its promised to release three skin packs, yet only fans have only seen two of the four proposed “multiplayer map packs.” Unless the 14th update is a map pack double-whammy (something we very much doubt,) somewhere down the line consumers have been misled.

Like many who have signed up to the offer, I’ve enjoyed the recycled “Flashback” content Naughty Dog released earlier this year, but the main draw of the Fortune Hunters’ Club was grabbing some brand new, original maps. Was it wrong to assume as much given the quote above? Apparently so.

A firm guess would be that Naughty Dog classified their recent “Fort” Adventure Mode content as a map pack. Weighing in at around twenty minutes, it’s a meaty bit of content (not to mention steeply priced) but it sure ain’t a map pack, at least not in the conventional sense. Though there are co-op die hards knocking about, the bulk of Uncharted 3 players frequent the competitive modes, so it strikes me as baffling that the developer would dub the Fort DLC as a map pack instead of a “co-op mission” just for means of clarification.

I can’t speak for other Uncharted 3 players, despite reading and listening to their disgruntled comments, but the whole situation has been an unexpected mess.

Hopefully the fourteenth batch of content will bring the much-anticipated arrival of new maps, but given recent developments, don’t be surprised if next week’s Shade Survival DLC turns out to be your lot.



  1. I would guess that a co-op game mode on a new, or rehashed, map would fall under multi-player map pack as it is a multi-player game type. What I would be most pissed off about is if the only competitive maps have been recycled old ones.
    Should there really be any surprise at this kind of tactic, as publishers have pulled this one already a few times have they not?
    Pay up front for something then don’t get what you were expecting. Too bad, you got what they offered you. Not what you assumed they were selling.

  2. Was really on fence of buying the The forture hunter club thing. Glad I didn’t as so far there have been no new map at all.

  3. Bit disappointed, to be honest.

    Oh well.

  4. Bummer.

    Too many onlys….only. ;)

    • like if only my tallywacker pointed north…..

  5. The fact that this post used the word, “Kerfuffle” in the title drew me in. So, so british… XD

    • racsist?

      • cant spell sorry :(

      • You spelt ‘sorry’ perfectly!

      • Was it in any way offensive? It is a very british word dude :P

    • I’ve only heard it in Little Britain.

    • If im being honest it was the same for me…

  6. Something I’ve been meaning to ask: do all the maps released so far support the co-op arena mode?

    • Some but not all.

      • Thanks! Do you know if there’s a list somewhere?

  7. Before all of this, I woudn’t expect ND to do this recycling and charging so much. It’s more typical coming from EA or Acti. It may be to do with Sony wanting extra money.

    • Uncharted 3 DLC. Indirectly keeping the PS Vita afloat since 2011!


  8. I’ve gotta say, I’m probably more disappointed than I would usually be with this sort of thing because it is Naughty Dog. After years of being a spotless dev to do something quite misleading as this is quite shocking to me really. I fear they have put too much on their plate splitting in to two teams and developing TLoU and whatever the Uncharted team started working on.
    I just hope this isn’t a sign of things to come with Naughty Dog.

  9. Like others I am also glad I didn’t go for FHC it’s almost s if Naughty Dog have fine hey you know that awesome reputation we built up with the first two games lets see how badly we can f#!k it up.

  10. “The FHC has more than paid itself off.”

    That’s surely not the opinion of an unbiased journalist?

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