Metal Gear Solid HD Collection Hits EU Vitas This Summer

It was announced this morning that Metal Gear Solid HD Collection would be hitting Japanese Vitas in June. Whilst the EU has yet to get a date locked down, Konami has told us the game will launch here in the summer.

The Collection features enhanced editions of Metal Gear Solid 2 and 3, with the addition of Vita specific features such as bespoke controls.



  1. Please please please be trophy and save compatible with the PS3 version!!!

  2. I know the Japanese version won’t have Peace Walker, but will the EU one? Fairly important eh Youles?

    • WHAT – the Japanese version won’t have it, that’s not good?! :(
      Is that the case with the PS3 Collection too?

      • the japanese HD remale never had peace walker but MGS1 voucher code to redeem.

        But hell bring on summer, I just hope Kojima does stick to his word with cloud save

      • I’m with you on that!!

      • The Japanese had Peace Walker as a separate Blu-ray, it deserved one quite frankly, even had a CE with a figure.

  3. Unless this is a budget release, I think I’ll pass – and why doesn’t any collection have the HD version of MSG1 on it? Surely there’s no that much effort needed to localise it.

    • Yeah that’s a shame – I was hoping for MGS 1 – 3. I’ll probably still pick it up at some point as I never played 3 or 4, and don’t have a PlayStation 2 to hand.

    • MGS1 was a PSX title, so HD’ing it would be a lot more work than the PS2 versions i suppose.

      To this date, i have not yet seen a remastered PSX title (to my knowledge at least), so you are unlikley to find MGS HD anywhere.

      • It already exists fella, you can buy it from the Japanese PSN store, hence my comment about it ‘just’ needing localisation.

      • Edit, ignore me, i’m talking bollox, didn’t realise what i was looking at ….:-/

      • Its not HD.

      • I know that now, I saw ‘Metal Gear Solid HD’ with MGS2 & 3 listed underneath and made a somewhat incorrect assumption.

      • Lol – I tried to explain in the least patronising way i could too!

        But i agree that it should be a ‘complete’ collection, even if that means just a copy of PSX MGS (without the HD touch).

      • I bought MGS1 off eBay, put it in a plastic sleeve inside the HD collection aling with MGS and called it the Patel Totally Stuffed Box edition! Suits me nicely :)

  4. This include or at least give a discount to the PS3 version since its the same game.

  5. This should*

  6. Do I get a discount if I already have the PS3 version? Bet not.

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