Sony Announces New Games For PS Vita: Phantasy Star Online, Super Robot Wars And More

The Japanese division of SCE have announced several new titles in their terribly excitingly titled Welcome! PlayStation Vita Game Heaven! web thing.

While most expected the games to be Japanese-centric, there’s a few things in there that our readers might well be interested in – Phantasy Star Online 2, Super Robot Wars, Persona 4 and MGS HD.

Phantasy Star Online 2 includes Cross Play with the PC version, which could be absolutely huge – we’re huge fans of the Phantasy Star online games.  Monster Hunter what, indeed.

Metal Gear Solid HD is out at the end of June, too.

The rest of the information is spread over nine confusing pages on the Japanese Sony site, starting here – although we think the main meat of the info is already covered.

How do you feel about these new announcements?




  1. Super Robot Wars = EPIC WIN – pretty nifty that there’s a Gundam game coming too!

    • very much so, a new Robot wars title is just what the doctor ordered.

      • Having watched the vid a couple of times, I reckon this looks like it’s a Vita-enhanced port of the PSP version of Z, but that’ll do for me!

  2. MGS HD win for me, I hope that cloud save is incorporated cause I have the ps3 version of the game

    • Same – I’ll defo buy it if it has save file compatibility (inc trophies) as the S ranks are going to be time consuming, so would be great to carry on my game on the move.

      We’ve had a couple of co-op and Versus Peace Walker Meets, but could do with some more people if you’re interested?

      • I haven’t even played peace walker yet, am still playing Sons of liberty but I would be interested for sure but I can only apologies in advance am not that good at playing with other people on games lol

      • Ha ha – don’t worry! There are only about 3 of us at the moment but we’re not great, its good fun playing co-op though! I’ll let you know when we next arrange a Meet.

      • alright, I dont know how you add people from here but my psn: Virgo21Child dont ask whats with the name, I turned 21 and it was my birthday & I am a virgo so put two and two together lol

      • Ha ha no worries mate, have sent you an invite! ;)

      • I think I accepted lol, am not sure check if I did

      • I’ll have to check later…at work and my Vita lunch break has finished sadly

  3. Yes ! Yes ! Yes !
    Oww I can smell the good old PS2 times coming back. I’m gonna bust in tears…

  4. Got my Vita today. Think Phantasy Star is on the cards.

  5. MGS HD, Persona 4 and possibly Phantasy Star for me.

  6. Im all over those 4. Better order myself another memory card.

  7. Oh my god. I nearly whizzed my pants when I read the title of this story. I now have an official system seller for the Vita for me: Phantasy Star Online 2. I haven’t even watched the trailer yet because I’m so happy. Vita, here I come!:D

  8. Wait- cross play with PC as well?
    Vita continues to surprise and impress.

  9. Nothing for me here, move along please.

    • ….Well a few in the vid are good games that anyone could like. Phantasy Star for example.

  10. Looks like that’s my wallet cleared again. MGS HD AND Phantasy Star online! nice!

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