Tribes: Ascend Gets Release Date

Upcoming PC FPS, Tribes: Ascend has been given a release date. The free to play, multiplayer only game is set to be with us on 12th April.

Hi-Rez Studios prides itself on both the scale and speed of the game. The trailer below gives some indication on how it looks.


There is currently an open beta for the game. Are any of you in it? Let us know what you think of it.

Source: Hi-Rez Studios.



  1. I love the Tribes series, Reflex shooters are rarer than diamond eyeballs these days and its nice that some people are still making games like these rather than the usual Modernistic auto-aim assisted run and gunners.

  2. llama? is Jeff Minter involved in this game? ^_^

    • it’s the term the beta community are using to describe someone moving too slow. I thought it was great!

  3. I’m really enjoying what I’ve managed to play of it.

    I’m not too bad at it either, all the years of Q3, UT and Painkiller are coming back to be of benefit! :P

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