What We Played #43

I was delighted to discover at the weekend that Vector TD works on my PS Vita. It’s not listed on the store but I took a chance and grabbed it from my download list. On the PS Vita’s stunning screen it looks even better than it does on my PSP, the simple colours and shapes surviving being upscaled. This week it’s edged out MotorStorm RC as my most played game on PS Vita.

WipEout 2048 had a look in during a few idle moments and that’s been it for my PS Vita gaming this week. I picked up my 3DS for the first time in a few weeks to see what was happening there and whether the Eurosport video channel had put up any worthwhile 3D video yet, rather than just running two minute videos of 2D sporting outtakes where the first 30 seconds are just the title sequence. It hadn’t.


I did notice for the first time an impressive amount of video content streamable via the store, headlined by the Nintendo Direct showcase and trailers and gameplay videos for the titles it mentions. There’s also a show, similar to the UK PSN’s Access, put together by the Official Nintendo Magazine as well as a selection of hints, tips and challenge videos for various released games. Not a bad selection but the 3DS’ screen doesn’t half look small after a couple of weeks of PS Vita gaming!

Aside from the obligatory Gran Turismo 5, I broke out the plastic guitars when some friends were round so that Rock Band 3 could humiliate us. I spent some time trying and failing to explain Journey’s premise to them, so I introduced them to flOwer. It took a little while but I think they started to get it.

[drop2]After a day of singing to myself while doing stuff around the house and listening to music I indulged a guilty pleasure and played a bit of solo SingStar to see if I could nudge any more of my scores up into the 9000s. There was a also a rather too long session of Civilisation V thanks to Harun al-Rashid launching an attack as I was thinking about calling it quits for the night. The attack was repulsed and a substantial Russian steamroller backed by a powerful fleet is now poised just beyond his borders…

Kris has been focussing on I Am Alive this week, his review going up a few days ago. Essentially, he wasn’t all that impressed with it. He’s also played a small portion of FIFA 12, along with a few games on the FIFA Street demo. He noted that the handling in the demo was “fantastic and very sharp”, but hadn’t quite got the hang of tricks yet.

Tuffcub has only found time for his PS Vita where Frobisher Says, Super Stardust Delta and Uncharted: Golden Abyss have been headlining. Apparently a few late nights at work have been keeping him away from his normal gaming staples.

Contrary to Tuffcub’s views on the title Toby has been enjoying the “fabulous experience” that is Batman: Arkham City. He’s completed the main story missions now and is particularly enamoured with how the game “dares to explore a poignant moral issue”, making him think hard about Batman’s quest and decisions after a “great finale”. He’s now busily answering the Riddler’s challenges.

Aran is back roaming the streets and skies of Steelport in Saints Row: The Third, which has now become his de facto stress-relieving pastime. Though the tooling around in a VTOL started off as simple fun, it’s changed somewhat after stumbling into the restricted zone where the ensuing dogfight led to his evil side surfacing and him becoming “an Angel of Death”.

For entertainment of a slightly slower and less destructive pace he’s also been playing Stick Cricket on his phone. He says it’s “a nice looking game” that is “great to play in short bursts”, though he admits to being unable to beat Canada. At cricket! Oh and his Skyrim character Strongfury has just become a bard. As long as Aran remembers it’s only his character that is supposed to be able to sing we’ll be safe.

Following he acquisition of a new PS3, Josh has been rediscovering some of the gems in his download list like “the beautiful” Critter Crunch and VooDoo Dice “which is like Cuboid but with maths”. All the Assassin’s Creed 3 news of late has reinvigorated his desire to kill, leading to AC2 being revisited. His time with the game has been extensive than he’d intended, as he’d forgotten to back up his save, and it looks like he’ll be spending even more time with the franchise as retailers have now benefited from orders for Revelations and Bloodlines. Our resident, reinvigorated AC fan is now trying to track down copies of the comics.

As for Alex, I’ll just let him tell you:

Ninja Gaiden on the Vita, which is a bit like Ninja Gaiden on the Xbox, and Ninja Gaiden on the PS3, but with a lower frame rate and a mode that actually makes it possible for plebs like me. It’s called Idiot Mode and it turns the enemy into staggering fools with bad limps and no arms.

Because of this, they can easily be dispatched by the MACHINE GUN that replaces the wooden sword. Which is free. And comes with an automatic level up, level skip and bubble level so that you can check the flatness of the tree textures in the distance which continually douse you with general life-giving vials and potions. I still died on the second bit.

Also: Virtua Tennis on the Vita, after Unit 13 deleted all my save games. And Killzone 4, LittleBigPlanetMini and God Of War 4 on the Vita. At least, that’s what I’d like to have been playing.

And MotorStorm RC. That I had to pay for because Toyota don’t exist in Glasgow.

OH, YEAH, and Journey. That’s that utterly awesome game that I’m dying to talk about properly but fearful of legions of angry bearded men that won’t play the WHOLE TWO FUCKING HOURS for about six months just so they can jump onto Twitter and moan HEY @THESIXTHAXIS WHY U MENTION ALL DAT SPOILERS? at ungodly hours.

You all do know the journeyer just drives away in a Scion at the end, right?

What have you been playing?



  1. Blimey, this is an early one! ;)

    Got my Brink Platinum – another early Sunday morning Platinum, best way to start the day! Now just gotta continue getting to level 24 for 100% trophies.

    Lots of Escape Plan which is quite frustrating when your gestures appear on screen but don’t move Lil or Laarg!! Not too many levels now before I complete my 3-Star playthrough.

    Caught up with a few demos too – very impressed by FIFA Street but I doubt it would get much use if I bought it, only when the lads come over to mock one another with our unbelievable tekkers.

    Really want to start Journey this weekend but it depends if I finish my Bioshock 2 Hard playthrough which I’ve still been working through.

    I also played some MGS Peace Walker HD Versus (great fun!) and Gatling Gears with fellow TSAers. Sadly I couldn’t make the Killzone 3 Meet.

    • “Lots of Escape Plan which is quite frustrating when your gestures appear on screen but don’t move Lil or Laarg!”

      I know that feeling! I found myself trying to queue up gestures in order to save time but they don’t seem to register until the previous gesture finishes.
      I’m currently playing through a second time at a much more casual pace and you’d be surprised how many I’m still getting 3-stars on. Number of gestures certainly seems to be the main factor when the game gives you a grade.
      In short, take your time :)

      • Thanks – I’m on the last section I think. Due to the above mentioned frustrations, I actually think the 3-Star playthrough will be more difficult with the <20 Deaths playthrough…..at least that's what I'm hoping!! My best advice to save gestures is to not lift your fingers off the screen if you're just waiting for them to leave the level, as it doesn't count until you lift your fingers off! I also am surprised at how long the game is, and that there is no Platinum trophy!

      • Lol yeah there were a couple of levels that were an absolute pain to 3 star. I actually found myself asking my wife for a second pair of hands on some of the later stages, which was certainly amusing.
        Got to say though, despite the sometimes awkward controls, I do love the game and is probably where most of my Vita time has been spent so far. £5 well spent :)

      • Yeah, it is a good game – due to the black and white, and nature of the game (mainly lots of deaths), it reminds me of Limbo a bit.
        I thought the random interlude was well funny, and totally unexpected!!

      • The interlude was great :D Love the game’s strange sense of humour

  2. Virtua Tennis 4 and Motorstorm RC on the Vita. Trine 2, Rayman Origins and a bit of Skyrim on the PS3.

  3. Lol, Nofi’s final comment made me laugh. Alas, I probably will be one of those people who doesn’t play Journey for a few months, or at least until it is more sensibly priced.

    This week I’ve spent most of my gaming time on the Vita.
    Finished ‘Escape Plan’ and just need to finish my second playthrough with fewer than 20 deaths to bring my trophy percentage up to 100%.

    Picked up WipEout 2048 over the weekend too. Pretty game with a reasonably fun online but those 10 tracks and 4 event types sure get boring very quickly! It’s going back to GameStation today and will be exchanged for Unit 13 :)

    Played the ‘I Am Alive’ demo last night and personally, aside from the ho-hum visuals, ‘I Am Impressed’. Climbing mechanics are even better than those seen in Uncharted/Assassins Creed and the ‘stop or I’ll shoot’ weapon bluffing is a cool mechanic. Soon as I see this for 800ms points I’ll pick it up :)

    Other than that, I made a start on a Mass Effect 2 playthrough. Whilst I’ve played through it a couple of times before I want to get my save just right before picking up ME3 so I can import my decisions.

    • “or at least until it is more sensibly priced.”

      Please, please don’t think £10 isn’t sensible. I’ve played the game at least twice through most nights for the last two weeks. That’s about 40 hours of gaming.

      • Are those playthroughs noticably different however? I’m all for re-playing games like Infamous, Heavy Rain and Catherine where there are different endings to see but I very rarely play through a game a second time just because I feel like playing it again

      • It’s the same game, but it’s a different experience based on who else is playing, yes.

      • Imo, £10 is a bit too much for a two hour game regardless of how good it is. I can see myself playing it once, then leaving it for a few weeks/month. when it comes down to £7 or less, i would get it. :)

    • I played Jouney offline last night, online tonight and probably another half dozen times online and then, like i still do with flow and Flower, i’ll dip into it many times in the future to enjoy it again.
      I wonder if, now that there’s a trilogy, they’ll release it on bluray – i would quite possibly buy that too :)

  4. Been in Leeds living in a Hotel this week so I have been Vita MAD! FIFA, MCRC, ModNation Roadtrip and Michael Jackson the Experience have been my daily routine. Not far off the FIFA Football Platinum now, which will be my first FIFA and Vita Platinum.

  5. Still knee deep in Amalur. Will probably take another while since I’m OCD about completing all side quests that I find and I want to platinum that game before I move on to something else.

  6. I forgot to reply to the email for this, which makes me sad.
    I played Street Fighter X Tekken and FIFA Street (which I’m not allowed to talk about yet) but the stand out game of the week for me was Journey.

  7. Picked up Rage this week, along with Journey, Toy Story 3 and Space Marine off the store, but Mass Effect 3 was delivered yesterday so that combined with a lack of free time through work and studies means only Mass Effect 3 has actually been played! Apparently, Journey’s pretty good. I’m sure I’ll find out. In June.

  8. First thing, Vector TD is awesome and the only mini I’ve ever enjoyed.
    Moving on to what I’ve played, where do I begin?
    Heavily Played: Started Mirrors Edge and massively enjoyed the game, how did I miss out on this before?! As well as this, Mass Effect 2 in preparation for ME3 (due to arrive today, where the fuck is the post?!), Alpha Protocol (bought it for the bargain price of £2 instore credit at Gamestation yesterday for another runthrough), Empire: Total War, Eufloria, Total War: Shogun 2 and Dawn of War Dark Crusade online. Oh, Battlefield 3 online, the SSX demo and Chime: Super Deluxe as well.
    Played a fair amount: Brink, Hellgate: London, Dungeon Defenders (I have completely badass armour and weapons now, just ask Bunimo!), Medal of Honour, Medieval 2 Total War, Brink, and Dawn of War 2.
    Lightly played: Operation Flashpoint: Red River, World of Tanks, Child of Eden and some random other games I can’t remember right now. I seriously have too much free time on my hands.
    Mass Effect 3 will swallow the majority of my gaming time over the next week though, I doubt much else will get a look in (please arrive today, PLEASE!).

    • Seconded on the Vector TD thing. Awesome game.

    • And you snapped your headset in a rage. ;)

    • Mass Effect 3 arrived! Hellllooooo sci fi gaming extravaganza!

  9. Been playing Mass Effect 2, Binary Domain, SSX and now Mass Effect 3
    I have also played Fifa on Vita
    Journey has been downloaded and will hope to play it over the weekend from ME3 break!

  10. Journey. Two playthroughs now, and it has GOTY written all over it (assuming ME3 doesn’t steal it’s thunder). Also continued my Bioshock 2 campaign, a bit of Killzone 3 MP, and the perennial Magic 2012.

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