PS Vita’s Augmented Reality Not Forgotten About

If you own a Vita, you may be forgiven for thinking that the rather nifty AR feature has been forgotten about. Well worry no more. At GDC last week, there was some footage of the range of possibilities at hand with the Vita.

Three videos have now surfaced onto the ever trusty YouTube and are here for you to see.


Video 1:

Video 2:

Video 3:

The videos are well worth a watch although they do go on a bit. One thing that you should take note of is the sheer volume of “interest points” the camera picks up.

Oh and who doesn’t want to make their table wobble?



  1. When do we get these “apps”

  2. Oh nice. Looking forward to what games and apps that will be made with these.

  3. Actually very impressive, and surprisingly accurate thanks to it tracking a huge number of points of detail. So even if a few are wrong (and they were), they can be filtered out and largely ignored.

    So yes. Colour me impressed.

    • *soaks brush in “impressed” paint*

  4. Hope to see some more AR games in the future.

  5. I like all this stuff with AR, it’s cool tech and even more impressive without the special cards… i’m just not sure if it’s going to make for great games but we’ll see.

  6. I have some AR cards with my Vita, can they be used yet? ive tried to find something to do with them … guess they have not impremented it yet? hence this article?

    • oh ok, just checked and i can download a game for my Vita, these video’s seem alot better though, cant wait for them

    • Yeah there are 3 free mini games on the store.

      • Fireworks is fun and quite relaxing.

  7. Quite impressive tech. I actually thought I was looking at my own kitchen in the first video, it looks practically identical.

  8. Wow, I remember saying when kinect came out that a camera should be able to map 3d without a sensor in the same way we do by looking at known shapes ect. Like how face tracking works, a camera can usually tell a face is further away and subsequently puts a smaller box highlighting their face, because their facial features are Closer together. But I never imagined in less than year a computer would be able to map a complete 3D space in real time !!! Using just a low res camera. Not sure how useful it would be for games but this sort of technology for robots would be pretty deep

  9. Its the same with the 3DS really, hasn’t been much of AR Game as there? Hope there’s more its impressive tech for each console.

  10. Quite cool videos, nice to see the tech being used without those gimmicky AR cards – I think it’s this way to the future.

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