Elements Of “From Ashes” Mass Effect 3 DLC Already On Disk

Whether or not this could be interpreted as piracy is for another discussion, but apparently it’s possible to ‘patch’ in some elements of a downloadable content pack for the PC version of Mass Effect 3, that’s – according to reports on the web – partly on the disk when you buy it.

BioWare say that the DLC, “From Ashes”, wasn’t developed alongside the rest of the game and, according to an article on Forbes, “not included on the disk”.


The video, and others around the ‘net, caused considerable uproar over the weekend.


Note that it’s not the entire DLC, but there’s definitely something there, and it’s easily patchable without paying a penny.

“From Ashes is a 600 MB+ download with all new content, including the mission on Eden Prime, new dialogue options and conversations with Javik, new cinematics, the Prothean weapon, and new appearances for all squad members,” said EA in a statement.

“All of the above content was completed while the main game was in certification and are not available on the disc.”

“As stated previously, in order to seamlessly integrate Javik into the core campaign, certain framework elements and character models needed to be put on disc. We did something similar with Zaeed and Kasumi in Mass Effect 2.”

Via Forbes, XBIGYGames.



  1. Sometimes feel these things are blown way out of portion, but I think I’m in the minority with that one.

    My personal opinion. If it’s added on content to the main story – I don’t care where it came from. If I want, I get.

    • *pro*portion. Still ruing the decision to only have one roll for lunch clearly.

    • I generally agree, though the rising number of day one/on disk dlc is starting to irritate me.

      I bought the collectors edition of ME3 so this doesn’t effect me, but if I had bought the normal edition I wouldn’t mind paying extra for day one dlc, as the standalone game has plenty of bang for the buck.

  2. It’s EA…

    • Thats what i thought considering how well Mass Effect 2 sold especially the DLC it would be a smart move for them do it

    • This is really all that needs to be said.

  3. My advice is don’t do day one DLC or at least not something that sounds like it could have something to do with the main story because it always feels like they cut stuff from the game just so they could make more money

  4. This is very common in the industry these days. Why is this particular game getting so much more stick than the rest?

  5. Stupid people are stupid.

    It was developed apart from the main game. Just becasue it’s finished in time to go on the disc it doesnt make it part of the game.

    • yeah, and if you believe that, let me tell you about this bridge i’ve got for sale. ^_^

      • I’ve heard that apparently in the next CoD game they won’t have time to build any soldiers. You get to play as a civilian with a pea-shooter HOWEVER fortunately they’ll be developing soldier characters apart from the main game and releasing them as day 1 paid DLC. Can’t wait!

      • no, that won’t happen.
        but they will sell you the bullets. ^_^

  6. is it only me who rather has his DLC on the disk, because that way it won’t fill up my hard drive?

    paid DLC is there to stay people, get over it!

    • Yeah, saves hard drive space, download limits and time spent downloading if it’s already on the disc! Having to pay for content is better than not getting it at all, which is what would probably happen in a large number of cases like this, if it wasn’t for DLC.

  7. We’re not talking about an optional DLC. We’re talking about substantial narrative content missing from the main game (whether it’s actually on the disc or not is irrelevant).

    At least the Catwoman chapters were “free” for all new buyers. EA is pulling a whole different trick here — akin to Prince of Persia 2008’s Epilogue, or AC2’s missing chapters 12 and 13.

    • We are talking about optional DLC, though. The game doesn’t suddenly stop, forcing you to buy the DLC to continue as if it were episodic content (although on the PS3 the game suddenly stops for entirely different reasons). You can either buy the DLC, and have the extra narrative, or you can play the game without it – and still get your platinum trophy.

  8. Which is bullshit! Sorry for the foul language but the DLC involves one of the most important things in the ME lore. I would understand if those who bought it new got it free but no, EA is just being very greedy. How long before they start to tear out entire sections and flog back to us as DLC?

    I am getting fed up with publishers locking content that is already on the disc and releasing DLC on day 1 or before the game has even launched. And EA knows that we will buy the DLC so they will continue with it. :(

  9. Any other game and I would question it…but its Mass Effect 3.

  10. …and this is why I don’t buy games like Mass Effect 3 :P

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