Sunday Times Uses CoD Image For ‘Hostage’ Story

The Sunday Times newspaper has published a real life story illustrated by an image from Activision’s Call of Duty series.

The story, entitled “Hostage tragedy of Mission Impossible”, covers the tragic failed rescue of two hostages in Nigeria. Strangely though, the article features an image of John ‘Soap’ MacTavish from CoD with his eyes blocked out by a black bar.


It’s unclear whether the Sunday Times knew that the image was taken from a game rather than real life, but regardless it has stirred up a whole bundle of controversy.

Source: Techradar



  1. Wow. Hahaha

  2. Ouch, but still not as bad as ITV’s ‘footage.’
    They can always claim they knew all along…

  3. checking your story, who needs it? ^_^

    i bet they just googled soldier or something and that’s what came up.

  4. Somebody somewhere is doing this on purpose…

  5. Wow, has video game technology got to the point where in-engine characters now look indistinguishable from real life?! :P

  6. Using Soap, really? The Sunday Times needs to clean up its act.

    • well its not like their reputation has been squeaky clean thus far.

    • i know, they’ve got a call of duty to present the facts.

      sorry, i know, that was lame.

  7. Technology has made some elements of military action seem like video games what with drones and remote control missiles and such. I haven’t read the Sunday Times article but if it discussed the matter in that context then perhaps i could understand them using the image. Otherwise, i’m baffled.

  8. One more teensy thing… was it “mission impossible”, as in that well known phrase or was it ” Mission Impossible” like the movie?.. ;)

  9. Crikey, grandma TSA has had a busy month.

  10. It made me laugh actually like a few have said it almost seems the writer just googled ‘soldier’ then Soap popped up!

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