Sunday Times Uses CoD Image For ‘Hostage’ Story

The Sunday Times newspaper has published a real life story illustrated by an image from Activision’s Call of Duty series.

The story, entitled “Hostage tragedy of Mission Impossible”, covers the tragic failed rescue of two hostages in Nigeria. Strangely though, the article features an image of John ‘Soap’ MacTavish from CoD with his eyes blocked out by a black bar.


It’s unclear whether the Sunday Times knew that the image was taken from a game rather than real life, but regardless it has stirred up a whole bundle of controversy.

Source: Techradar



  1. Embarrassing to say the least..

  2. at least it was an xbox 360 image you can tell from the better woulda looked really blurry had they used the ps3 version..

    • As a PS3 owner I find that deeply offensive…….ok… it was funny really ;D

  3. They’ve mirrored the image and made him look left-handed. The horror!

  4. Morons. The daily rags don’t need any help proving they’re idiots, they perform the job themselves admirably.

  5. Oh was that Soap? I couldn’t see because they blocked his eyes.

    • They blocked his eyes lol I’M BLIND , DEC , BLIIIND

  6. I wonder if Acti will sue the Times for this?

    How does one confuse a video game character with a real person? And i’m pretty sure that someone would have noticed it whilst it was being edited. That is really shoddy journalism. I really hope that they don’t actually believe it is a real like ITV did as i’m out of Facepalms.

    • Wouldn’t surprise me. They seem like the sort who’d sue for something as serious as this

  7. Oh no – Soap has gone rogue & started taking hostages!! Apparently.

    Seriously though, the black bar?? Who’s benefit is that for?? They trying to protect soaps identity just in case he was involved?


    • Their readers. It’s to prevent them from beating up every gamer they see in an attempt to find out where soap is. Or for no reason and were trying to be clever.

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