New ME3 Multiplayer Characters Inbound?

An image currently doing the rounds on Reddit suggests that six additional playable avatars will be making their way to the sci-fi epic’s co-operative multiplayer.

These will include:

  • Batarian Soldier
  • Batarian Sentinel
  • Geth Infiltrator
  • Geth Engineer
  • Asari Justicar
  • Krogan Battlemaster

According to the user who submitted the screenshot, the following characters archetypes were assigned to an “unknown pack” on the Mass Effect 3 storefront. Here players can surrender in-game credit or real money to unlock random packs; the more you pay, the higher the chances of getting a rare item.

It’s currently unknown whether the new characters are legit, and if so, how they will be integrated into the game at its current state. Will be tacked on as a conventional DLC bundle or will BioWare drip them into the randomised card booster-style system?

Source: Reddit



  1. Played an hour of me3 mp with manoerix and skibadee last night thought it was really really good fun, thoroughly enjoyed it. Has the crack-like levelling up which made mw so addictive for me.

    • Yeah I really enjoyed it in the demo but have yet to play in in the actual game.

  2. I still need to try out the MP side of the game!

  3. I’ve played more of the multiplayer than the singleplayer, I wasn’t expecting much so was pleasantly surprised by how fun it is.

  4. I’d pay for it. The multiplayer for Mass Effect 3 is surprisingly good fun and it helps you in the singleplayer as well. Which reminds me, anyone here on TSA willing to set up a meet for it?

  5. I almost never play online, but I’m really enjoying ME3. If it was competitive I wouldn’t bother, but I really like the co-op. If there are any other PC players who are interested in doing a meet, that’d be awesome!

  6. I want Geth!

    • This leak has been confirmed to be fake since the story was published.

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